Crypto Crime: Man Sentenced 5 Years in Prison For Buying a Gun with Cryptocurrency

Recently, US Border agents have identified ’48 years-old man, David Mitchell who bought a gun online in the US using cryptocurrency worth more than £2,000. Mitchell had ordered a package of a Glock 9mm gun with magazine, silencer and 150 rounds of 9mm ammunition.


Court convicts actions as unlawful

He was first arrested on September 19, 2018, by the Organized Crime Partnership (OCP) (Scotland) which came into existence on September 01, 2018. The body was initiated to combat organized crime with the collaboration of Scotland Police and the National Crime Agency. David’s arrest is the first case OCP since they started as a joint task force.

  • At first, he ordered the packed using cryptocurrency
  • Task force secretly scrutinized him, seized the package he ordered and sent a dummy package (known as placebo) instead.
  • Later, the man caught ‘making arrested for using dark web’ and questioned over the transaction


On Monday, January 13, 2019, the Mitchell was presented before Judge Lord Pentland and eventually, he sentenced him five years in prison for his action. The hearing at High Court in Edinburgh concluded,

“It appears that your decision to acquire the gun and the other items arose from an obsessive preoccupation on your part with exploring whether it was possible to do so by making use of the dark web”. The court further continued, “You must have appreciated that this was unlawful. For this conduct, you must be punished.”

Further, on Mitchell’s part, there’s no information revealed as to what motivated him to perform the act. Detective Chief Superintendent Gerry McLean who is the lead in charge of ‘Police Scotland praised the newly formed ‘OCP’s work and said;

David Mitchell never offered any information that would have allowed us to better understand what his motivation was to secure a firearm.

Author: Tabassum
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