How TRON is Keeping Busy with Seedit, Project Atlas, Exodus, and Another Coin Burn

The declaration of independence on June 25th when TRON (TRX) mainnet was also officially launched seems to represents a clean start for TRON, as the foundation seems to be more actively involved in advancing in blockchain technology than ever before.
Even though the sluggish trends have returned once again after several days of trading in the green with TRX currently declining by around -1.50%, TRON foundation on the head with the founder of TRON, Justin Sun, is updating the community with great news, gaining momentum in a continuous manner.

That is how Justin Sun announced TRON integration with Exodus, which represents one of the most important integration news for TRX lately, while another batch of coin burn took place in the meanwhile.
Moreover, TRON is collecting positive impressions from Tronics regarding TRON and BitTorrent project called Project Atlas.

On September 13th, Exodus representatives released an official post on the matter of commencing the integration with TRON.
On this occasion Exodus team stated that in the rising trend of seeking for independence in form of developing and launching mainnet as it is the case with new currencies like VeChain, ICON, EOS, and TRON, Exodus is looking to evaluate these assets prior to integration in order to provide “smooth experience for all Exodians”.

This way, Exodus wallet introduced TRON as one of the most recent integrations, stating that TRX will be integrated into the latest version called Version 1.60.0.
The team further stated that there were several bugs that have been removed with the latest version, adding that they hope that TRX will indicate a new era of stability with this addition to Exodus wallet.

With this integration, Exodus is offering an alternative to TRX holders, enabling swaps, exchanges, and transactions. Justin Sun confirmed the news in a Twitter post on September 15th, stating that TRX is now available for sending, receiving and exchanging with over 40 different assets.
Although Tether is one of the available trading pairs for TRX, USDT/TRX swaps cannot be handled yet. However, it is more than certain that TRON might get an increased exposure with Exodus integration.

Ever since TRON announced Seedit integration with Twitter social network, TRON foundation immediately attracted attention. Thanks to Seedit, TRX can now be used on Twitter for sending TRX units.
With this integration in form of a handy tool, any Tronics can send and receive TRX through Twitter, while you can also tip your favorite influencers, actors, content creators, artists, and friends and family.

Seedit was not only created to make possible to send and receive TRON through Twitter, making it easier to send money to your friends and family but has also opened a case scenario where content creators can be rewarded for their work on this social media, that way earning TRX and being incentivized through cryptocurrency.
The team has announced in one of their latest posts that Seedit tipping with TRON has exceeded 18 million TRX units, while there were over 260,000 different tips, the highest tip on the date of the announcement being 38,000 TRX.

The statistics show that Seedit integration was more than successful as it is being widely and actively used. The team behind Seedit also took a chance to announce new features for Seedit users.

In one of the last week’s posts on Twitter, Justin Sun invited Tronics to participate in a survey on the upcoming project, called Project Atlas.
The project details are yet to be revealed, but it is a known fact for now that BitTorrent will be working on the project together with Justin Sun. BitTorrent representatives also thanked all participants, sharing the results of the initial survey where the majority of participants had positive impressions about the project.
Moreover, TRON foundation went through with burning another batch of coins while the token migration is still in the process, with the migration being supported by Exodus as of the latest case.

The foundation burnt 4,917,487,036.059613 TRX ERC-20 type tokens, which represents the fifth batch of TRON coin burn.
At the moment although in the middle of the spotlight, TRX is seen declining by -1.45% against the fiat, however, the majority of the crypto market is caught up in the latest negative trend.

With the latest change, TRON (TRX) is now traded at the price of 0.019$.

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Tron Foundation Burns 4.9 Billion ERC20 Tokens

The Tron Foundation burnt over four billion ERC20 Tron tokens on Thursday. This is the fifth batch of old tokens burnt by the Foundation.

As the Tron mainnet is working smoothly across the world, Tron Foundation has burnt yet another set of tokens to facilitate its transition from the Ethereum blockchain. On Thursday, Sept. 13, the Foundation burnt 4,917,487,036.059613 TRX. These were the old ERC20 tokens used by the blockchain before shifting to its mainnet. The burn is essential to avoid confusion and help all Tronics move smoothly to the mainnet and utilize the unique Tron blockchain assets.

Fifth Token Burn Event

This is the fifth time Tron has burnt its old ERC20 tokens. The Tron mainnet was launched on June 25 this year, with new TRX tokens that could be used on the mainnet. The Foundation then continued to burn the old tokens. A total of 4,917,487,036.059613 ERC20 TRX tokens were burnt during the process. The company has also made the record available publicly.

Tron Price Shoots Up Post Burn

Tron prices experienced a boost after the coin burn as one token sold for $0.020384, registering an 8.73-percent rise. The price gain has helped the market capitalization of the company shoot up to $1.3 billion. It is currently the 13th largest digital currency in the world, per CoinMarketCap data.

The Foundation is finding new ways to promote its token and create a smart economy that runs on the TRX tokens. Bringing uTorrent customers to its network has paid off as millions of users got added to the mainnet. The acquisition by Tron and its founder Justin Sun is considered one of the turning points of the blockchain project.

Recently, Tron also partnered with a crypto lifestyle store called “Crypto & Proud,” where it sells standardized apparel and accessories to crypto enthusiasts. Tron’s original cryptocollection will also be available on the store soon. A basic Tron collection, including T-shirts and phone cases, is already available on the store, and the Foundation will soon collaborate to bring out unique merchandise to the store.

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How TRON (TRX) Will Profit From Coin Burn

TRON Foundation to Destroy 50 Million USD in TRX

TRON (TRX)–To commemorate TRON’s Independence Day on June 25th (the official start of Main Net’s genesis block), the TRON Foundation is planning a coin burn of 1 billion TRX, worth nearly 50 million USD. As the press release states, the burn will constitute the largest destruction of money in human history. In addition, the 33 billion TRX combined fund of founder Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation will be placed in a locked account until the start of 2020, which further negates the rumor of Sun selling his primary holding in early January.

The amount of TRX at the beginning of mainnet launch will be reduced to 99,000,000,000TRX, and the remaining 33,251,807,524 TRX held by TRON foundation will stay locked until January 1th, 2020.

Purpose of the TRX Coin Burn

While TRON is no stranger to marketing stunts, the one billion TRX coin burn has a much larger purpose. In addition to increasing the individual value of each token, the burn will have a systemic effect on investor attitudes towards TRON.

Installing a Sense of Scarcity

The 100 billion coin supply currencies have found themselves in a bit of a predicament.

Regardless of the inherent divisibility of cryptocurrencies, high supply coins offer greater market liquidity, which is a benefit to both exchange speculators and users of the coin. It also keeps the price-per-coin low, which, from a buyer’s standpoint, provides some psychological distance from the intimidating price of Bitcoin (the average, non-crypto investor will see BTC’s elevated price as a barrier to entry).

However, the high coin supply also negates the feeling of scarcity that has arguably driven the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum so high over the preceding year. Fear of Missing Out is a strong, enabling force for Bitcoin investors, in the sense that BTC has a relatively small circulating supply (which also increase the danger of contentious hard forks).

By burning 1 billion TRX (which amounts to 1% of the total circulating supply of the coin), Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation are signalling to investors that they are committed to raising the intrinsic value of the currency. The immediate aftermath of the coin burn is not to bring about a 1% increase in price, but to offer long-term leverage to the investment base, and to provide a touch of the aforementioned scarcity that has proven valuable to low-supply coins. In effect, the TRON Foundation is burning 50 million USD they have control over now to further the interest of the currency as a whole in the future. This move comes in addition to Project Genesis, a 2 billion USD resource fund to grow the development of Main Net and TRX-based applications. The TRON team has proven they are willing to forgo immediate profit in an effort to raise long-term value, which is a sentiment investors can easily recognize.

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Catering to the Needs of Investors (and Eventual Users)

The TRON Foundation has figured out the game of cryptocurrency-related marketing: almost all of the currencies on the market, even Bitcoin (in the absence of Lightning Network), are not ready for the type of adoption necessary for real usability. That’s not to say the currencies don’t have potential in the world of digital marketplaces and fintech development–they are just not at the point of feasibility. This past January’s bull run, when average BTC transaction fees jumped above 55 USD, proved that cryptocurrency has a long way to go before achieving the scale necessary for market saturation.

TRON is targeting the needs of investors now, in an effort to draw greater attention to the currency and build the foundation for its user base. The honest truth is there is little reason to own TRX (or almost any currency), outside of what it offers through price speculation–at this point in time. That will drastically change with the development of the Main Net platform and the integration of crypto into IoT devices and smartphone app marketplaces.

The TRON Foundation is getting ahead of the war for growing user bases by building a fervent and committed investment base. Yes, investors drive up the price of the currency which directly benefits the TRON Foundation and Justin Sun’s holdings. But it also keeps the currency in market spotlights and media headlines, in addition to giving incentive to current holders to refrain from selling their TRX. Despite the massive fall in value for cryptocurrency over the last six months, there is a hesitancy to sell TRON if TRX continues to decrease in availability. While markets rarely behave in a rational nature, coin burns on the scale of billions do grab the attention of investors and give TRON a small degree of appreciation that has largely been lacking since its release.

Some will continue to view the coin burn as another attention-grabbing, publicity gimmick by the TRON Foundation to keep the currency relevant in the news cycle. After all, even with the destruction of one billion tokens, Sun and the TRON team command over 33 billion TRX (worth 1.4 billion USD). However, keep in mind the company is actively destroying 50 million dollars worth of currency. Even if the burn is a calculated attempt to raise awareness for TRON, it still comes at a personal cost to the developers of cryptocurrency.

Instead, TRON’s coin burn is furthering the interaction between the team behind TRX and the growing investment base. As opposed to most transactional currencies, TRON is relying upon its growing user base to both develop and participate on Main Net, thereby increasing the overall value of the technology.

A 50 million USD investment today could bring billions in return if the TRON team can manage to establish a digital platform to rival other media networks.

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