Cryptocurrency Conferences Continue to Thrive Despite Industry Downturn

Over the last year, cryptocurrency prices have dropped significantly and mainstream attention has been waning in recent months. However, according to recent data, the digital currency and blockchain conference circuit did not see a steady decline during the last six months of 2018.


Digital Currency and Blockchain Focused Conferences Are Still Trending

Cryptocurrency and blockchain related conferences did not see a decline in popularity last year. The number of crypto-infused events held was a stark contrast to the many other sectors within the digital asset economy, according to recent data collected by the analysis site Tradeblock. In 2018, cryptocurrency conferences really started heating up and event organizers pulled in millions from steady ticket sales and initial coin offering (ICO) exhibition booths. For instance, last year at Consensus Week (May 11-17) in New York the conference scored a whopping $10.5 million with event tickets being sold for $1,500-2,000 for all 7,000 attendees.

In fact, blockchain conference tickets sold for big money all year long and most of the events in 2018 sold out. The two-day Ethereum Ethereal Summit hosted by Consensys sold tickets for $1,300 a pop, even after Vitalik Buterin publicly spoke out against expensive conference tickets and rampant scams. The Women on the Block conference on Mother’s Day sold for $299-599, and Token Summit on May 17 sold out its early bird tickets at $649 and sold the rest of the seats in the house for $979. Last May, the company Eventbrite was selling NYC Blockchain Tech & Invest Summit tickets for $899-$1,299 per person.

In the face of massive layoffs, the declining cryptocurrency market values in 2018, and tickets selling for hundreds and even thousands of dollars — Blockchain conferences have remained unscathed from the faltering crypto economy. The well known provider of institutional trading tools and digital currency data Tradeblock explained this week that 2018 blockchain event organizers continued to host conferences all around the world.

“Despite the crypto bear market during 2018, the number of industry related conferences did not see a steady decline in the latter half of the year,” the analytical data website Tradeblock detailed on Thursday.

Cryptocurrency Conferences Continue to Thrive Despite Industry Downturn

Pricey Crypto Events See Sold Out Exhibit Halls and Thousands of Attendees

Many of the 2018 blockchain events had upwards of hundreds to thousands of attendees, according to the vast list of conferences held last year. The Paris Fintech Forum saw 2,000 guests, Finovate Europe 1,400, Malta Blockchain Summit 9,500, Cryptocurrency World Expo Berlin 1,600, Blockchain Summit Vienna 2,000, Deconomy South Korea 2,000, Blockchain Conference Moscow 2,000, and the Blockchain Expo Global in London saw 6,000 participants. Blockchain conferences saw appearances from numerous cryptocurrency developers and blockchain luminaries as well, such as Tim Draper, Joseph Lubin, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee, Balaji Srinivasan, and many other speakers.

2019 cryptocurrency and blockchain related conferences are still in full swing as there are many scheduled for the next few months already. There are conferences such as Blockchainge DC, Crypto Investor Show Manchester, TNABC Miami, and the Binance Blockchain Week event. Some of these conferences will host up to 4,500 people depending on the blockchain event. Even though online attention and crypto trends may be dwindling, the general public is still very inquisitive toward cryptocurrency and blockchain focused events.

What do you think about the cryptocurrency and blockchain conference circuit still thriving? Did you attend any blockchain conferences last year? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Author:  Jamie Redman
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IOTA Invited In The Frankfurt European Banking Congress – Friday 16 November

The Frankfurt European Banking Congress (EBC) is one of Europe’s most important congresses of the banking and finance sector.

Many high-level representatives from politics, business, finance, and academia  will speak in the Congress, among them Mario Draghi (European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main) Tobias Adrian (International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C.) Olaf Scholz (Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin) etc.

Looking at the Congress speakers this year on their official page a young boy on T-shirt appears among the formally dressed speakers. He is Dominik Schiener, The Chairman of the Board of Directors, IOTA Foundation, Berlin.

IOTA will be the only cryptocurrency present in this high-level economy forum.

But what is IOTA?

IOTA is a distributed ledger to power the Internet of Things with zero fees. This ledger is based on a technology called Tangle.

In order to send a transaction in the network a user simply needs to perform a small computation task that verifies two previous transactions. In this way, every user has the same incentives and rewards into participating in the network. So in order to confirm your transaction, you must confirm two previous transactions, and then your transaction is confirmed by some subsequent transaction.

The Frankfurt European Banking Congress (EBC) will be held on Friday 16 November 2018.

A Reddit user named “mufinz2” commented on the news:

Of course it is. I’ve been watching this space for the past 2 years and I still haven’t seen any of the “leaders of this space” (namely btc/eth/ripple) do any kind of real leading. They are still filled with maximalists and speculation-driven fanboys that make zero effort to try to acclimate their technology with the real world. Meanwhile I’m just watching IOTA get headline after headline of companies, organizations and political entities wanting to work with IOTA and get educated by them on how the technology works and how they can use it.

This will be a great week for IOTA :

Thursday: Dominik Schiener at Wirtschaftsgipfel,

Wednesday: Tobias Zeitler at Electronica Messe Munich

Thursday and Wednesday: Hackathon in Linz

Friday: Dominik Schiener at European banking congress

Good work IOTA.-


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