CriptoHub, The Future of Cryptocurrency in Brazil

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Succession of the Brazilian Cryptocurrency Market

One thing’s for sure; Brazilians are buying crypto. Currently, 1.5 million people of Brazil are investing in various cryptocurrencies – even surpassing the number of Brazilians investing in the Brazilian stock market.

Folks from all walks of life have expressed interest in investing their life savings in cryptocurrencies. Most cryptocurrency investors in Brazil fall under the 30-40 age bracket.

They are empowered to invest in cryptocurrencies which are deemed more trustworthy than government institutions. Three major cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil handle over 90% of the country’s Bitcoin transactions, with approximately 500 Bitcoins (a worth of over 4 million USD) being traded on the Brazilian exchange every day. However, these dominant exchanges have begun to experience serious problems and drawbacks, and the standard of service has degraded over the past year.

The Ultimate Solution to all Crypto Problems in Brazil

Brazil’s largest cryptocurrency exchange forum, Foxbit, had more than a million users before it was forced to shut down operations in early 2018. Foxbit, having already lost 30 Bitcoins (equivalent to $270,000) due to a bug in the system, could not handle the mass traffic due to Bitcoin’s surge in worth. All these occurrences indicated that although millions of Brazilians are willing to invest in cryptocurrency, the currently dominating exchanges cannot provide reliable, high quality services to allow them to do so. Brazilian crypto-users were having trouble with new registrations, delays in deposit approval, limited diversity of crypto-coins, and unreasonably high rates.

With the increasing demands of the users, the increase in investors, and the growth of cryptocurrency, it is apparent that the existing exchange platforms cannot provide the latest functionalities for streamlined cryptocurrency management. In light of these happenings, Ramon Vailatti introduced the visionary cryptocurrency exchange platform CriptoHub. Vailatti’s vision is for CriptoHub to become the #1 platform for holding, handling, trading, and using cryptocurrency in Brazil. CriptoHub is all set to resolve the issues currently faced by Brazilian cryptocurrency investors and compensate for the drawbacks that exist in the previous cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

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Why Invest with CriptoHub?

At this time, Brazil trades over 10 billion BRL (the equivalent of 3 billion USD) each month in Bitcoins. Other cryptocurrencies are also rapidly gaining popularity in the country with the fast-paced growth of the market. A great part of Brazil’s 200 million population is unbanked, and uninvolved in cryptocurrency. There is a plethora of opportunity for business; all that was needed was an exchange platform that can facilitate existing and potential investors and users of cryptocurrency to enjoy safe, convenient and advanced crypto handling. CriptoHub is the cryptocurrency exchange platform that Brazil has been waiting for.

It is estimated that within one year of its operations, CriptoHub will dominate up to 40% of Brazil’s local cryptocurrency market share. The company is amenable to all Brazilian laws and tax regulations and will be audited twice yearly by an external auditing agency. All steps are being taken to ensure that by the end of its ICO, CriptoHub is a 100% proof-tested, 100% secure and fully reliable cryptocurrency Exchange unlike any financial exchange that Brazil has ever had before.

CriptoHub offers users greater numbers of trading pairs for diversification in their investments. CriptoHub exchange guarantees to provide Brazilian crypto-users unparalleled support and scalability for the first time. The platform’s mission is to be the country’s leading cryptocurrency exchange forum which introduces the lowest crypto exchange rate to Brazil, eradicating the need for any other local or international exchange.

The CriptoHub Coin and ICO

The CriptoHub coins are known as CHBR tokens, and they are based on the ERC20 Ethereum technology. CHBR token holders will enjoy access to exclusive discounts of up 90% on trades made using the tokens.

The CHBR tokens have been made available for sale now throughout the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). During the sale, the tokens cost 0.0005 ETH each, with a hard cap of 10 million BRL (approx. 3 million USD). The main sale has begun with a range of discounts being offered to the investors. Any remaining tokens will be disintegrated.

A month after the ICO has concluded, the CriptoHub company will begin to sell its own CHBR tokens on the exchange at more expensive rates. During the ongoing sale, the company’s referral program is even offering users 20% over the fees paid by their referred friends in the past.

Once the Exchange is up and running, all account holders will be offered cryptocurrency debit cards, with CriptoHub’s pre-paid credit cards soon to follow. Using the cards, account holders will be able to spend cryptocurrency for commercial and retail purposes just like any normal fiat. Businesses across Brazil will be invited to accept cryptocurrency payments in exchange for their services and goods through CriptoHub’s exclusive e-Commerce Plugin.

CriptoHub is the ideal exchange for people living in Brazil who are fed up of using unreliable local exchanges and difficult to use, expensive international exchanges. There’s nothing like being able to use the premium services of a national company for overseeing your trade in cryptocurrency, the most promising investment venture in the world.

CriptoHub is all set to dominate the expansive Brazilian cryptocurrency market which is only going to grow exponentially over the coming years. Now is the ideal time to get your foot on the first rung and invest in CriptoHub tokens, which have the potential to rule the country’s financial exchange.

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