TIP Blockchain’s Ecosystem will Power Mass Adoption!

Who we are!

Tip is a third-generation blockchain platform powering mass adoption of cryptocurrency by creating an ecosystem that connects end-users and businesses on a network, where they can transact easily across international borders. Our solution for end-users provides user-friendly usernames that are easy to remember, and discovery, so it is easy to find other users on the network.

Our vision is to create the most user-friendly and easy to use platform in the cryptocurrency economy that connects businesses to end users, and removes the technical barriers that users face today when using cryptocurrency. Tip will be a strong catalyst for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency!

Get your cryptocurrency username on Tip Blockchain

Username registration on the Tip Blockchain platform is nearing 2000 in just a few days since it began. That means almost 2000 unique usernames have already been taken. Those who are interested in getting the best usernames should visit Tip Blockchain’s username registration page soon.

The vision of the Tip Blockchain project is to make blockchain technology accessible to all. Blockchain has several technical barriers to entry and Tip is working on breaking down all these barriers. A parallel to what Tip is doing can be drawn with the early days of the internet. That was before search engines indexed the web and made finding information on the internet easy, and before short website domain names like google.com replaced IP addresses like

The drastic improvement and simplification in user experience enabled everyone, from grandparents to soccer moms to utilize the internet, which catalyzed the phenomenon of internet mass adoption. Fast forward to today, blockchain and cryptocurrency are being hailed as the next wave of technological revolution after the internet. However, not many people are actually using blockchain technology in their daily lives. We are still in the early stages of this technological revolution which is waiting for a catalyst that can help propel it into the mainstream. Tip Blockchain aims to position itself as the leading provider of such a catalyst.  

Just as search engines opened up the internet, Tip Blockchain makes discovering and utilizing information on the blockchain easy by building a unique, blockchain-based ecosystem in which information stored on the Tip Blockchain is automatically indexed, making it readily searchable and easily utilized by Dapps in the future. One use-case of this technology is storing short usernames on the blockchain attached to accounts. This seemingly simple technology has astounding implications; Short, easy to remember usernames are now used as cryptocurrency addresses. Similar to replacing IP addresses with easy to read domain names, cryptocurrency users no longer need to verify long and complex hashed addresses like 0x2910543af39aba0cd09dbb2d50200b3e800a63d2, replacing them with simple usernames like @CryptoObiWan or @BayStCoffee.

How is this different from ENS?

While ENS (Ethereum Name Service) offers the ability to attach names to addresses, it does not provide a cohesive ecosystem in which users can find each other and transact in the real world. It serves more as a registry, comparable to the domain name service used by websites, whereas Tip usernames are more like usernames on Twitter or Telegram; Everyone on the network, including end-users and businesses, have usernames which you can use to find and transact with them.

The platform will also support peer-to-peer encrypted instant messaging, so people can find each other and chat to confirm their identities before sending cryptocurrency directly within a chat conversation. Tip is bringing a whole new social aspect to using cryptocurrency in the real world.

Merchant Support

Businesses will enjoy a cryptocurrency point of sale (POS) system that makes processing transactions easy. This utilizes the unique features of arbitrary information on Tip Blockchain as a means of storing contextual information for transactions. Thus, merchants will be able to identify the customers and orders and formulate insights using data analytics on this information. Traditional point of sale system features like customer management and sales reporting will also be supported.

Our Key Features!

Smart Addresses

Send money to friends and family using their username. You can send to @TipToken, instead of 0x28AD00F1CDF1E24900031

Peer-to-Peer Instant Messaging

Chat with your friends and family over secure peer-to-peer connections and send TIP tokens from right within your conversation.

Transaction Metadata

Arbitrary data attached to transactions can be used for various purposes, including identifying info, memos for payments, receipt confirmation and more.

Merchant Solutions

Point of sale system for merchants to easily accept cryptocurrency payments from their customers, saving transaction fees and time.

Search and Discovery

Information on the network is indexed and searchable so users and businesses can find information by searching using our wallet and point of sale apps.

Light Mobile and Desktop Wallets

Our light desktop wallet ensures that you can connect to the Tip network and start sending transactions whether you’re at home, office, or on the go.

Using Cryptocurrency has never been easier!

Username registration is live now. Usernames are registered on a first come first serve basis. Tip Blockchain is currently offering 25 TIP tokens reward for each registration, and an additional 10 TIP tokens for each referral. Their first discovery app prototype which enables finding other users on the network is scheduled for proto release next week.

Tip Blockchain ICO is live with the current 10% bonus round ending on August 10 at 11:59 pm UTC. The token sale ends on August 17. For more information go to their website: https://tipblockchain.io/

Useful Links:

Participate in token sale: https://tokensale.tipblockchain.io
Register your username: https://discover.tipblockchian.io
Telegram: https://t.me/TipBlockchain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TipBlockchain
Facebook: https://facebook.com/TipNetworkio