Zcoin Facilitates the World’s First Political Elections

Blockchain technology continues to prove that it has no boundaries and has huge potential of changing how we do most common tasks. Thailand opposition party has hit the headlines online for using blockchain technology in its just concluded primary elections.

World’s First Major Political Party to Use Blockchain Technology in Elections

Thailand opposition party is the first political part in the entire world to use blockchain technology to hold elections. The live e-voting system that was supported by Zcoin blockchain facilitated the voting process that was held between November 1st and November 9th 2018. More than 120,000 votes took part in the process.

Thailand Opposition Party Uses Blockchain Technology in its Primary Elections_coinrevolution news

This occasion is also the first time that a Thailand political part has elected a leader using the suggestions of its general party members. Notably, the country is also organizing the first general elections since the famous 2014 military coup.

Zcoin and IPFS Gaining Ground in Thailand

As reported by CCN few days ago, Rap against Dictatorship music video produced by one of the prominent musicians in Thailand went viral recording more than 30 million views in less than two weeks. This video is the first piece of art directed towards political resistance. Blockchain technology was used to store the video due to threats of censorship from the government.

IPFS, a decentralized file storage system that is powered by blockchain technology made it possible for an unidentified person to save a copy of the video in a special transaction that was done on Zcoin blockchain system. The system is built on the Zerocoin protocol.

Thailand Democratic Party took this a step further by using the same decentralized file storage system to enhance its elections. The technology helped to maintain a high degree of integrity and transparency. Voters were able to take part by using the mobile voting application. They were required to submit a photo of their identification card before voting to avoid double entry. There were also manual voting stations that used Raspberry Pi system.

Thailand Opposition Party Uses Blockchain Technology in its Primary Elections_coinrevnolution

Encrypted Election Data Stored in IPFS

All the election data was stored in IPFs in form of encrypted data packets. The tech personnel hired by the party opted to store the hashes in the Zcoin blockchain system. The decision was made to make it possible for Thai Election Commission as well as Democrat Party candidates to access the information if an audit is requested.

The Founder and Lead Developer at Zcoin, Poramin Insom, said that the company as very happy that their technology made sure that Thailand major large-scale e-voting process was successful. Poramin also added that this is a major milestone in the Thailand’s political history. He also hopes that other governments and political parties will follow suit and use the technology to conduct elections.

Thailand Democratic Party has also revealed to the media that the encryption keys that used were split into Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme, a cryptographic method that guaranteed consensus. In addition, only an accredited official from Thai Electoral Commission would be able to decrypt a voter identification documents.

Author: AlphanMaina
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