Cardano (ADA) nearing to aim $0.1 USD, As market has another Stellar performance!

Cardano (ADA) was not doing much enough in the last week as its price dropped to $0.06 USD but by the end of week it gained a bit of momentum. The market on Thursaday, 27th September opened with most of the cryptocurrencies advancing towards a high flight. Major coins are having a better week than last one, as they witness a bullish run in last 24 hours.

Cardano started of the day with $0.079 USD, at the time of writing, ADA was trading at a price of $0.080 rising at the rate of 3.64%, having a market cap of $2.097 billion USD. Yesterday, an increase in the volume was seen as compared to last week which went up to $64 million USD. It has a volume of almost $60million USD, at the moment. Binance Exchange, one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading exchange network, ADA had a trade volume of $19.5 million USD in last 24 hours. However, Cardano (ADA) situation on Tuesday was quite different and it was dropping at the rate of 9%, it has been a good turn around for Cardano.

Weiss Ratings suggested that Cardano (ADA) will have the highest pullback along with other altcoins including IOTA, XRP and NEO. Well their prediction was right on the spot as, IOTA has surged up to 1.11%, NEO has also gained about 3% and XRP has been the stand out gaining up to 10% in last 24 hours (at the time of writing). Weiss Ratings tweeted:
“If you believe #crypto market will return to its former glory, the benchmark for a 10X gain, is a 90% retracement. As of today, here are a few of top-25 coins that are at or above a 90% pullback: #IOTA = 90%#NEO = 91%#XRP = 93%#ADA = 96%
These are absolute steals right now!”

According to some experts, Cardano (ADA) can move up to $1 USD, increasing by almost four times from know, but this can take a while. This shows that their is a lot of bullishness regarding ADA. Cardano enthusiasts on twitter are showing their happy as they think this is the time to buy more Cardano coins. This shows that ADA will surge more in next 48 hour time.

Charles Hoskinson, owner of Cardano (ADA) is in Japan to celebrate the one year anniversary of Cardano. In a video message, he stated that they are going launch ‘Infinito Wallet’ i.e a mobile wallet. It now supports users to securely send, receive, and check transaction history of ADA on mobile. Infinito Wallet is the first mobile wallet to support ADA.

Infinito Wallet is the world’s most common home to many big tokens on biggest smart contract platforms including BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETC, ETH, EOS, NEO and DOGE. After adding ADA, Infinito Wallet has achieved yet another incredible milestone. It will boost up the price and increase the adoption of Cardano.

Some more news are to come from Cardano community, as Charles further stated that he will meet some dealers during his stay in Japan, Tokyo. So we can hope some big news from Cardano in next few days and it will really help ADA to surge more. So this is the best time to buy Cardano, as it will bring much more profit in coming days.

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Trezor Users Can Now Exchange Cryptocurrencies Directly In-Wallet

This week the hardware wallet Trezor added the ability to buy and trade cryptocurrencies within its beta wallet’s interface. Now users can swap between eleven different digital assets without the possibility of compromising funds by leaving them on an exchange.

Trezor Hardware Wallet’s Beta Version Allows Users to Buy & Trade Digital Currencies

Users can now swap cryptocurrencies from within their Trezor hardware wallets by using the firm’s beta wallet. The beta wallet is almost identical to the traditional user interface but it contains different features not yet added to the main Trezor client. On September 19, Trezor explained on Twitter, “Our beta servers now allow you to exchange cryptocurrencies directly in the Trezor Wallet interface.” The wallet’s new exchange section allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies from exchanges, and swap their existing digital assets on the same trading platforms.

Exchanges available on the Trezor beta wallet.

When entering the beta page, it’s basically the same as the main client and you will have to plug in your Trezor and login to use the new features. Once inside the wallet, on the top right side of the screen there’s a new ‘exchanges’ tab.

A disclaimer must be accepted to use the exchange services.

If it’s a person’s first time using the exchange feature, they have to agree to a disclaimer that states basically all the trades made is between the assets’ owner and the third party trading platform. The digital asset exchanges available on the Trezor platform include Changenow, Coinmama, Changelly, Paybis, and Coinswitch. The wallet’s users can swap BCH, ZEC, XRP, LTC, BTG, XMR, DASH, DOGE, BTC, ETH, ETC, and XMR.

Trezor Exchange Feature is Optional and the Trading Platforms Might Run KYC

A representative from Trezor explains the company won’t be running any Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for the new feature. “Just to clarify, we won’t run KYC — The exchanges might. (We do not offer exchange services, they all go through third parties.),” the team’s marketing manager details on Twitter.

It’s an optional service. If KYC will be enforced by those services, user will know it and can refuse to continue — Decentralized exchanges are, of course, being evaluated.

The Trezor hardware wallet will be joining Keepkey as the Shapeshift owned manufacturer’s hardware wallet also enables cryptocurrency swaps in-wallet as well. Keepkey owners have the ability to use Shapeshift by selecting a currency in their wallet they would like to trade with the other digital assets offered in the drop-down menu. With Shapeshift changing its business model to a membership service, it is uncertain how it will affect its compatibility with Keepkey. Ledger Wallet does not provide any exchange or trading services in any of its hardware models. However, there is a section in the Ledger Live platform that shows a Buy/Trade tab but the browser redirects the user to the exchange after it is chosen.

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Best performers in the last seven days!

A week ago, Black Wednesday came, brought a huge dip, and a week later most coins are still struggling to keep their heads above the water.

We checked to see how the top 100 coins by market cap are holding up.

There are almost no winners!

The only coins in green are Dogecoin (DOGE) and Compcoin (CMP). Tether is also “green”, although as a stablecoin, it sailed through this bear run unscathed as always.

Dogecoin Sees 15% Surge, “DOGE Is The Envy Of The Crypto World”

Dogecoin Continues To Head To The Moon, Even Amid Mixed Market

As reported on multiple occasions over the past few weeks, Dogecoin, the internet’s favorite meme cryptocurrency, has been on a rip as of late. Per data compiled by TradingView (seen below), the price of the asset, which is now the 20th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has near-tripled in USD value over the past two weeks and has more than tripled in Satoshis.

It is clear that the price of the crypto asset has easily outperformed the market as a whole, with the market falling by upwards of 20% in the same period that Dogecoin essentially shot to the moon. At the time of writing a single DOGE token is worth $0.006813 cents and is up 13.16% on the day, which is impressive considering that a majority of the foremost altcoins are posting 3% losses to 1% gains for the past 24 hours. It seems that this isn’t any old low-liquidity pump as well, as the DOGE trading pairs have been backed by nearly $80 million in daily volume.

In the span of a few weeks time, the meme, blockchain-based digital asset rose from a zombie-like state to the primary topic of discussion within the cryptosphere. In fact, a majority of the foremost commentators, personalities, and analysts in this nascent space have taken to Twitter to comment on this asset’s jaw-dropping (to say the least) run.

“Dogecoin Is Making Your Cryptocurrency Look Like A Joke”

Most recently, on September 10th, Kevin Rooke, a Canadian cryptocurrency researcher, used his in-depth analysis skills to provide an interesting tidbit of research to his small, yet dedicated Twitter following.

Rooke first outlined the ever-changing sentiment surrounding Dogecoin, noting that in 2017, the asset was seen as a joke. But now, the meme currency, which has become popular for microtransactions, tipping, and gifting in the coin’s tight-knit (yet expansive) community, is making other cryptocurrencies look like a joke, alluding the performance of the asset and the blockchain backing it.

Bringing credence to his claim, the researcher brought up the statistics of the foremost crypto assets in existence. Highlighting the 24hr “Adjusted Tx Volume (USD),” Rooke revealed that Dogecoin’s volume is 3x that of Bitcoin Cash, 8x Litecoin, 13x Dash, 35x Decred, and 41x Bitcoin Gold.

In other words, despite the cryptocurrency often being used for microtransactions, the Dogecoin network has been seeing millions of dollars worth of DOGE, or $134 million to be exact, flow through its blockchain. It is also important to note that Dogecoin also has an astounding number of active addresses at 93,523 in the past 24 hours, which is surprising considering Litecoin’s 79,181, Bitcoin Cash’s 31,171, and Dash’s 38,430.

Mind-numbing figures aside, it is clear that Dogecoin is still seeing eye-opening levels of use and adoption, even amid one of the worst bear markets in the cryptosphere’s history. Closing off his tweet, Rooke wrote:

Dogecoin may have started as a joke, but their community is now the envy of the crypto world

Author: Nick Chong
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Dogecoin (DOGE) encourages crypto spending – And that’s the whole essence of CryptoCURRENCIES!

Many people are surprised that Dogecoin (DOGE) has survived up to this point. That’s because it was originally meant to be a joke coin. But the joke keeps growing, and is now getting listed on more exchanges. Actually, if its founder didn’t downplay it early this year, Dogecoin would be bigger than it is today. Luckily, it has a strong community backing it, a community that has kept the momentum alive. One of the biggest assets to Dogecoin is it’s practicality as a currency.

Unlike most cryptos including bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) is inflationary. It increases in supply by up to 5% per year. You are probably wondering, why is an inflationary crypto a good thing, when more supply means lower value? Well, this is may be true, but only to a limited extent. If a currency is inflationary, it actually encourages people to spend it, and this increased usage creates more demand for the currency. Over time, the demand outpaces supply, thereby leading to an increase in value that is higher than the value lost to inflation. In short, Dogecoin gets to grow in value, while at the same time growing in usage as an everyday currency.

The problem with deflationary currencies is that they encourage hoarding. That’s because, if the expectation of an investor is that value will increase due to a constrained supply, then there is no point in spending. You would rather hold on to your coins, in the hope that the price will rise at a later date. This is quite evident in bitcoin. As of January this year, more than 60% of Bitcoins had never been spent, and that number has not changed much. The only reason why people buy bitcoin (BTC) is to HODL it and hope the price will rise. The same applies to other deflationary cryptos too.

Now this may work for bitcoin (BTC) but it won’t work for the rest. It will work for BTC because of its first mover advantage, and a huge network that gives it the capacity to pivot as a digital store of value. The rest of the coins pretty much need spending for them to have any long-term value at all.

As such, being deflationary is counterproductive. That’s because they encourage hoarding, which in turn reduces their chances of adoption. Everyone can rave on about adoption all day, but if no one is willing to spend, it won’t happen. The ending will be that many of them will gain in a deflation driven bubble, then crash for good due to a lack of any meaningful use-case in the real world.

In essence, Dogecoin (DOGE) happens to be one of the cryptos that could slowly take over as a currency for every day transactions. Once that happens, people will start to take it more seriously as an investment. The only thing that Dogecoin (DOGE) needs at this point is for its developer team to believe more in the coin, and talk it up more.

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