6 Noteworthy Airdrops to Partake in – 2018 Week 46 Edition

Cryptocurrency airdrops play an increasing role of importance in this nascent industry. A lot of projects still want to create their own infrastructure and associated tokens. This week, there are some very interesting airdrops to take note of, though all of them will require users to conduct some small tasks in the process. A lot of decent money can be made in exchange for minimal effort.


The Konkrete team is in the process of building the next generation of distributed share registries. Their main focus lies on security issuers, rather than consumers. The team is currently airdropping up to 200 KKT tokens to community members. In exchange for these tokens, users need to complete a KYC procedure. That is not exactly complicated by any means. especially when considering how these tokens are valued at $148.

Proof of Toss

The Proof of Toss project envisions a bright future for decentralized betting on the blockchain through a peer-to-peer approach. An airdrop of 1,800 TOSS tokens per user is available in exchange for joining Telegram, following the team on Twitter and Facebook, and filling in the airdrop form. Although the tokens are valued at just $15, it is still an airdrop worth keeping eyes on.


The Bancryp project is a bit different, as it wants to build a cryptobank focusing on Brazil and other Latin American countries. The team is in the process of airdropping 20 XBANC tokens to airdrop participants. Users need to submit their details, verify an email address, and wait for the tokens. For an estimated value of $5, this is easy money to be made.


The healthcare sector is a prime target for ICO projects these days. MEDoctor wants to become a decentralized medical platform to bring AI-based diagnosis reports to patients all over the world. During the airdrop, users will earn 18 MTEL tokens. All they need to do is verify their email address and complete a few social tasks. Roughly $18 worth of tokens can be earned through these tasks.


Although the name may not necessarily suggest it, Cubego is building a project where users can build their own bespoke 3D models known as Cubegon. Users can earn 75 BASIC CUBEGO tokens for visiting a website, filling in details, and completing social tasks. By doing so, users will earn an undisclosed value, as there is no official price for this token as of yet.


For the Unification project, the focus lies on providing generalized state channels for data and interoperability across enterprise tech stacks. Users partaking in the airdrop will earn up to 200 UND tokens for completing very simple tasks. These tokens are valued at $9.6, which makes it a worthwhile airdrop to put some time in.

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Top Token Airdrops Opening The Week of September 11, 2018 – Total Value: $135+ Free Money

Everybody loves free money, and if you have a few minutes to spare doing simple tasks and don’t mind waiting until the tokens hit the exchanges, airdrops can actually pay out some pretty decent coin. So here is your weekly dose of some of the best paying token airdrops opening during the week of September 11, 2018.


Airdrop #1: SportsFix – Up to 580 SFT Plus Referrals (Approx. Value: $80)

Launch Date: September 11, 2018

If Netflix, ESPN, and blockchain had a baby, it would be SportsFix. It is ASEAN’s largest OTT live streaming platform exclusively for sports that not only delivers live sports content to fans, but allows them to really engage and experience it as well. By implementing blockchain and tokenization, fans can watch, connect with, and be rewarded by their favorite teams and sponsors.

Participants can earn up to 580 SportsFix Tokens (SFT) plus referral bonuses. This airdrop is worth an estimated $80. It is points-based, meaning that you will earn points for each task you complete, which can then be redeemed for SFT.

How to Claim Your SportsFix airdrop tokens:

  • Sign up for the airdrop and verify your email address (+5000 pts)
  • Join their Telegram group (+2000 pts)
  • Follow them on Twitter (+3000 pts)
  • Complete KYC (+10,000 pts – this is optional)
  • Follow and Like them on Facebook (+3000 pts – coming soon)
  • Watch and Like their video on YouTube (+3000 pts – coming soon)
  • Follow and Clap for their article on Medium (+3000 pts – coming soon)
  • Submit your details to your dashboard
  • Redeem your points for SFT tokens

In addition, you can earn 30 SFT tokens for each person you invite to SportsFix’s Telegram group as well as up to 20% of the earnings of each person you refer to the airdrop.

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Airdrop #2: WooshCoin – Up to 15000 XWO (Approx. Value: $45)

Launch Date: September 10, 2018

WooshCoin is based on a simple premise of giving individuals and businesses a fast, efficient, and safe way of making direct transactions without compromising personal privacy.

Fresh from the resounding success of Round 1 of its XWO airdrop, WooshCoin is giving away even more tokens (2 billion XWO in total) in Round 2. Each participant in the airdrop will receive up to 15,000 XWO tokens in exchange for completing short, easy tasks as follows:

  • Go to the airdrop form
  • Follow them on Telegram
  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Retweet the video they have pinned at the top of their Twitter feed
  • Follow them on Facebook
  • Follow them on YouTube
  • Follow them on Instagram
  • Leave a review on Etherscan
  • Fill out the requested information on the form and submit

Once you have completed all the tasks and submitted the form, you will receive 15,000 WooshCoins (XWO) worth approximately $45!

Sign up for the Wooshcoin airdrop »

Airdrop #3: IUNO – 50 IUNIT Plus Referrals (Approx. Value: $10 Plus $5 Per Referral)

Launch Date: September 10, 2018

Although not quite as sexy as the other airdrop offerings this week in terms of base payout, IUNO has the honor of being the least complicated airdrop on this week’s list.

IUNO describes itself as “Decentralized Banking as a Service” but really they are a complete banking services ecosystem based on stable, asset-backed tokens issued on a blockchain. The platform allows users to choose between using fiat or cryptocurrency, borrow funds via P2P lending, earn interest on their crypto assets, and make real-world purchases for anything, anywhere through the available debit card and merchant payment gateway.

IUNO are giving away a total of 1 million IUNIT – plus referral bonuses. Each participant in the airdrop will receive 50 IUNIT plus 25 IUNIT for each referral (no limit on the number of referrals).

Claiming your IUNIT tokens is simple:

  • Go to the airdrop signup page
  • Join both the IUNO and Airdrops.io Telegram channels
  • Follow both IUNO and Airdrops.io on Twitter
  • Fill out the form on the airdrop signup page
  • Don’t forget to promote the airdrop to earn referral bonuses!

That’s all there is to it! Tokens will be distributed one week after the completion of the IUNO token sale.

Sign up for the IUNO airdrop »

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CoinList Service to Offer Investors Free Crypto!

Who thought giving something away could be so complicated?

That’s the question crypto innovators have had to come to terms with since the concept of “airdrops” – or the practice of gifting tokens in massive giveaways – has come under the scrutiny of government regulators.

But with the launch of a new product Wednesday, CoinList, an initial coin offering (ICO) facilitator spun out of the renowned startup incubator AngelList, is looking to streamline the process of airdrops in a way that doesn’t run afoul with the law.

Aptly named Airdrops, the product runs users through compliance checks and attestations so that a token issuer can give CoinList’s users free tokens. On top of that, if the issuer is looking for users that meet certain criteria (be it a profession or location), they can verify that users actually fit those backgrounds.

In this way, CoinList CEO Andy Bromberg believes he has found a way to enable airdropped offerings at a time when many in the industry are looking for a compliant service. Token issuers themselves have had no shortage of issues here, with some, including video-monetization service Stream, even backing off the concept altogether because of the regulatory uncertainty.

Indeed, the SEC hasn’t taken a formal stance on how it views crypto tokens delivered through ICO, airdrops or other forms of sales and giveaways, but it’s clear regulators are currently investigating that question.

Still, Bromberg is confident in his assembled solutions, and in interview, he hinted at dialogue with regulators that would attest to the viability of the service.
“In our typical compliance first mindset, we sat down and said: Is there a way to pull this off without violating securities laws? And what we came to is the compliant Airdrops product,”
“I can’t comment on individual discussions with the SEC. What I can say is we are in frequrent communication with them and — based on our understanding of securities law — we are very comfortable with this.”

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Not only does the startup believe it has a solution for working under existing securities law, but it’s also opening up its existing user base of past investors to new token issuers. Once users have gone through the company’s compliance flow, they will be verified to receive airdrops, and CoinList will take a nominal fee from users (less than $1 per airdrop) to accept new tokens.

To date, according to its website, CoinList has run $850 million worth of token sales through its platform, representing what could be a vast pool of people interested in investing and taking part in future crypto tokens.

Compliance as a service
While that pool of potential investors will likely be attractive for token issuers, Coinlist’s product is opt-in – a feature added to reduce spam and mitigate the security threats that have become a common annoyance from crypto enthusiasts involved in such offerings.
Also, CoinList says it’s only willing to work with token issuers that are focused on complying with the law. And that’s partly because CoinList will be promoting these projects for issuers.

Still, CoinList’s Airdrops product seems to be set up whereby all the compliance effort is offloaded from the issuer, which many issuers will like since many are not securities law experts.

CoinList’s product allows for airdrops that might fall under Regulation S and Regulation D and will also collaborate with AngelList spin-off Republic, which has a license to sell securities under limited conditions to non-accredited investors using Regulation CF.
The company is also doing a country-by-country analysis to determine what sorts of checks issuers will need to do in order to airdrop to users around the world.
Depending not only on the goals of the issuer and who they want to give to, different levels of know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements will be needed, and whether issuers can to both accredited and unaccredited investors or one or the other.

And all of this has already proven enticing to token issuers. Bromberg said the company is in negotiations with more than one issuer to use its Airdrops product but declined to disclose which ones.

While CoinList has so far been focused on fundraising, Bromberg said that potential issuers will not have to have a token sale on the platform in order to use the new product.
“We’re interested in exploring this model where in some cases … funding might be separate from distribution,” Bromberg said.

The right recipients
Still, different companies might have very different goals for an airdrop, and Bromberg gave two examples of use cases he believes could work well.

For example, he said a company with a token it believes regulators will recognize as a utility token, something used primarily to access a certain service, can use CoinList to get it in the hands of people who are likely to be the most interested.

This issuer might target software developers, and in this case, CoinList would enable them to authorize the airdrop to check a users Github API and distribute to developers with a certain commitment frequency.

Getting the tokens in the hands of people who will ultimately use the token as intended “will help that network get to a place where that token is no longer a security,” Bromberg said.
Still, there could also be companies that want to issue securities, Bromberg said: “A company could tokenize some of their equity and give that equity, give those tokens, to early users on the product.”

As such, CoinList will also offer a wide array of ways to authenticate users as meeting certain objectives, be it a certain audience on Twitter, a certain location in the world or a certain occupation. It can use APIs off other websites to verify these target goals to insure that an airdrop recipient meets them.

Because it is running KYC/AML checks on all of them, it also verifies that each user receives a token allocation only once. “It prevents gaming the system,” Bromberg said.
It’s an approach designed for an excess of caution, but one that’s also ready to adapt.
“Whether or not these things are securities, we are treating them like securities to be as safe as possible,” Bromberg said. To that end, some startups have been meeting with the SEC to ask for what’s called a no action letter, a document that says regulators believe a given company has not violated securities law.

If something like that comes to pass, CoinList is confident enough that the platform is ready for that, too.

Bromberg concluded:
“We’d be open to airdropping without the compliance layer.”

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