TRON “disappointment” continues to drop after MainNet – 10% this past week

A lot of people including non-TRX investors were looking at TRON closely during their Main Net launch. The anticipation and wait had multiple media channels frequently dishing out redundant click-baity articles to feed the content to news-hungry TRX folks.

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The Main Net launch which was live streamed on Youtube had only 250-400 viewers during the whole time. During the launch the palpable excitement was missing and Justin’s regular updates about “Reaching the Top 5” seemed overly ambitious.

TRON [TRX] at press time was trading at $0.057 to a token witnessing a 6% drop in the past 24 hours and a 10% drop in the past week. TRX is the only token in Top 20 to be in the negative on a weekly price point comparison.

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TRX’s continuous drop
Currently at the 10th position according to the market cap which is currently at $3.8 billion, TRX’s drop by another 6-7% would mean an imminent drop to the 11th position (considering NEO experiences a positive price movement)

A look at the search traffic on Google shows the gradual drop in organic searches for TRON whereas EOS who also had a Main Net event not only showed a positive response in terms of price movement but also registered double the volume of organic searches on Google.
TRON’s main net transition or the actual token swap would only take place later during the month around the 20th. The TRX community believes the real value is not in the price but in the product and they believe post-June end bulls will visit TRX again.

Remy D’costa, a software engineer from Tanjavur says,
“When the entire world is cursing TRX you should buy. Trust the HODLers, they know best. Justin has always delivered, give it some time. I believe if not Top 5 atleast in the Top 6 for sure.”

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