Bitcoin [BTC] has niche investors, Apple and Twitter CEOs invest!

During an interview with CNBC, Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak calls Bitcoin [BTC] ‘pure’. In addition to this, Steve also mentions that he is not a Bitcoin [BTC] investor but only bought Bitcoin [BTC] to experiment.

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Steve Wozniak talks about how much he is intrigued with Bitcoin and mathematics. He also mentioned that he currently owns one Bitcoin and two Ether. He also constantly emphasizes on how similar Bitcoin is to the internet and expects Bitcoin to bring across the revolution internet has brought across.

The Apple Co-Founder talks about his strong belief in mathematics, purity, and science as defining the world. According to him, Bitcoin is mathematically defined as a circle and there’s a way that it’s distributed. He considers Bitcoin [BTC] pure as there’s no person or company running it despite which it continues to grow and survive and this to him is ‘something that is natural… and more important than human conventions.’
He also says that the main reason he sold his $700 BTC was due to the overwhelming price fluctuations in the market. He says:
“I never invested in Bitcoin, I was actually a little worried. Once, all of a sudden the price went up and I had a lot of money in Bitcoin, I said, wait a minute, I only bought to experiment.”

When asked whether Bitcoin will continue to dominate the market with the rise of other platforms like Ethereum and Ripple, he replied:

“We’ve seen a hundred sort of Bitcoin copies, some are faster, some are centralised control, some have other advantages, only Bitcoin is pure digital gold… I totally buy into that…How the math on Bitcoin that it was so correct that it still works.”

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He also talks about Bitcoin [BTC]’s price in the future and says that because of Bitcoin’s regulated quantity, the value is down to the demand and supply, and Bitcoin saw a hike to $20000 for a period because ‘more and more people want it.’ He adds:
“So if the demand increases and becomes more and more popular for more things and people start using it, there is no supply; it’s limited. In terms of dollar, yes bitcoin will go up and up in time… things might be sloppy at first and things that change that much in life take a long time to change, they tend to go slowly. We had a crash in the internet age and I see that going on with a lot of blockchain things including Bitcoin itself right now.”

Steve further says that it’s going to take about 10-15 years for Blockchain to become the next widespread technology. He compares blockchain to the internet and says that just the way internet had promised to provide so many services online like bank reservations and airplane reservations, it faced a big crash as all the companies had competed. He continues:
“And here it is, in 2018 all of our life, everything we do with these third-party apps to this day, oh my gosh, this saved me, such a wonderful world. It was the world we talked about than but it just doesn’t happen instantly because people will have to have their mind set changed, culture and tradition and status quo and the way things are doesn’t change that rapidly/ instantly when it’s that huge.”

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Author: Simran Alphonso
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