If You Think Bitcoin Gives You an Adrenaline Rush, Try This

Use your Bitcoin to drive a Formula 1 car at 330km/h!

330km/h (205mph for our British cohort) is pretty fast. Actually, it’s the top speed of the Williams FW-29, a car once used as a Formula 1 racer, as driven by Nico Rosberg.
You’re probably wondering where this is going, but, bear with us…

Entrepreneur, Aleksi Vitakoski has recently unveiled a brand-new business venture, in which you can pay for a high-octane Formula 1 driving experience, with Bitcoin.
The service is currently available in Sweden, Finland and Estonia and goes by the name ‘Unleash Experience’. With part of the package, comes driver training sessions and of course, a chance to drive a Williams FW-29 racing car. With a top speed in excess of 200mph, I do expect there are some inherent risks involved in this. Although, I also bet it’s an awful lot of fun.

How does it work?
First of all, you select your track. You can choose from Alastaro in Finland, Auto24Ring in Estonia or Anderstorp in Sweden. As I go through the website, I literally feel like I’m playing Forza.

Altogether, Unleash Experience offer two vehicles, the Williams FW-29 as mentioned previously and the Formula Renault 2.0, a slightly tamer option with a top speed of just 260km/h (161mph).

The package uses CoinPayments in order to facilitate the payments of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, though the Unleash Ventures website does not specifically say which currencies they do accept, it suggests that all in all, there are around 80 different ways in which you can pay for one of these adrenalines filled experiences.

Depending on your budget, you can also tailor the experience to match your desires, not only are you able to personally select a race track, you can select the number of laps you do and which facilities you use. Though I’m not an expert, I would recommend if this is something you want to do, get as much tuition as possible, let’s face it, F1 cars are notoriously quite difficult to drive.

If you’re still here and want to know more, have a look at the Unleash Experience website, here- https://www.unleashexperience.com/

Sounds good right?
This is quite a novel business venture and is obviously designed for people with a lot of money invested in cryptocurrency. As the website doesn’t display any prices as such, I can only assume the costs associated with this are quite brutal.

With that in mind though, if you’re got some spare Bitcoin to get rid of and fancy a trip to Sweden, the blockchain industry seems to be catering quite nicely for you.

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Author: Robert Johnson
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