Four Industries That Will Boost Cryptocurrency Adaptation in 2019

Crypto traders and investors are always seeking different ways to build adaptation in the cryptocurrency community. As crypto lovers agree that the technology is still in its early infancy and will need to evolve well enough to be considered more than just a bubble, which will further ease the process of regulatory, adaptation comes to mind as the only factor that would make this happen.

The ideal world imagined by crypto fans is one where cryptocurrency becomes a universal currency and to achieve that, massive adaptation has to become a milestone that the cryptocurrency space achieves as often as possible. While cryptocurrency can function in any industry, these four have shown themselves to be not just some of the most effective 2018 but has also created a pathway for continuation in 2019.


The entertainment industry has been one of the most flexible industries that shines the spotlight on cryptocurrencies. Most users declared that their knowledge of crypto was birthed from movies and comedic pieces that portrayed the unsteady movement of the cryptocurrency market. From as far back as 2014, the entertainment industry has been pioneering Bitcoin and crypto in general.

Visual art has also been a strong tool that deploys the swift and easy to use the technology of crypto to purchase iconic artworks. Earlier this year, a visual art painting of late Andy Warhol valued at $5.6 million was auctioned for sale via Bitcoin.


The art of purchasing luxurious belongings through cryptocurrencies has been in the limelight since 2013 and this tradition is not slowing down anytime soon. Arguably one of the most promising ways to build adaptation in the crypto space revolves around this. It was earlier revealed that the Lamborghini has seen an upsurge in crypto payments, this comes as no surprise seeing that the Lamborghini is an emblem of wealth in the crypto space. Swiss watch brand also made a big move this year after releasing its $25,000 luxurious “P2P” wrist watch which was exclusive to BTC users. This trend will definitely boost user adaptability come 2019. Even CZ of Binance went on to commend Hublot’s marketing strategy, expressing his interest in having a watch for the Binance BnB token sometime later.


Seeing that 2018 began with leading tech companies boycotting cryptocurrency ads and ended with some of these very same companies going as far as developing their own coin, it is no doubt that tech companies are coming to terms with the usefulness of cryptocurrencies. In 2019, this growth is only certain to increase as more and more tech-related firms have continued to eye crypto. One notable trend of 2018 was the act of purchasing tech products via cryptocurrencies. HTC also fully adopted this pattern when it released its 2018 mobile phone flagship dubbed “Exodus 1”. Not only was it accompanied by the Zion digital wallet, but it was also exclusive to BTC and Ether users only.


It is still perplexing to know that even if sports remains one of the most lucrative industries for digital technology to thrive, cryptocurrency and sport is still largely limited to gambling, which is not the best route to gaining more users. However, this industry is likely to boost the crypto scene in 2019 seeing that exchanges and tokens are getting more involved in bridging the gap between crypto and sport. Recently, Tron’s Justin Sun had sparked rumors of merging Tron and Basketball when he revealed his guest appearance for the niTron event. Most recently, the Litecoin network is also partnering with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for the upcoming 232 matches.

Conclusion: As these industries continue to shape the path for massive adaptation in the cryptocurrency, diversification is becoming more than just a myth. And this goes on to prove that cryptocurrency is here to stay.

Author:  Adrian Klent
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Fantasy Sports Giant FanDuel Partners with Dash for ‘Crypto Cup’

FanDuel has announced the return of its flagship fantasy sports competition, Crypto Cup, which gives sports fans the chance to win prizes in DASH.

FanDuel Hosts Cryptocurrency Promotion

Following the February edition of Crypto Cup, which was based on the NBA playoffs, the new edition follows the NFL and will run from today, Sept. 9, to Sunday, Jan. 6.

In Jan. 2018, FanDuel held a similar NFL-focused fantasy football tournament called Bitcoin Bowl, where users were given the chance to win prize amounts in bitcoin.

Crypto Cup Layout

According to information provided on FanDuel’s website, this edition of Crypto Cup will consist of 18 free play contests running from Sept. 9 to Dec. 30, followed by the free play final on Jan. 6.

The competition, which has a strict single entry rule, is open to all U.S. and Canadian residents who are eligible to take part in free games, according to the competition’s terms and conditions. Users may access free plays through the FanDuel lobby once it is available.

In order to qualify for the Jan. 2019 final, users must take part in all 18 free plays. Those who qualify will be emailed an entry voucher for the Final Free Play on or before Jan. 2.

The Crypto Cup grand prize includes a 2-day, 2-night trip for winner and one guest to attend the Super Bowl in Atlanta, GA, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday, Feb. 3.

In the course of the competition, there will be several prizes paid out in DASH tokens. Weeks 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, 13, and 15-17 will have a prize pot of $1,000 in DASH respectively, to be shared among five weekly winners. Week 4 and 8 will have a prize pot of $5,000 in DASH, while week 12 and 14 will have a pot of $7,000 and $10,000 worth of DASH, respectively.

According to FanDuel, prize winners will be contacted within 72 hours of the contest with instruction for claiming their prizes. Prize funds will be sent to users’ DASH wallets within 30 days of providing FanDuel with all required information including a valid DASH public wallet address.

Earlier, CCN reported that Dash is experiencing a strong market surge, driven by increasingly widespread adoption in Venezuela where consumers fleeing the effects of hyperinflation via crypto favour its quick transaction confirmation times relative to bitcoin and ether.

Author: David Hundeyin
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