Bitcoin SubReddit Hits 1 Million Subscribers

One might think that the discussion around cryptocurrency markets would quiet because of how bearish 2018 has been on cryptocurrency markets, but we have seen that the community is more alive than ever, thanks to the fact that certain projects such as Stellar and Ripple have made significant partnerships in the space. For example, Stellar has teamed up with tech giant IBM, and Ripple has partnered with banks from all around the world, from U.S. bank PNC to Malaysian banking group CIMB.

In further proof that the cryptocurrency community has refused to let 2018 hinder their expansion, the official Bitcoin subreddit has officially hit 1 million subscribers. The subreddit is now the 121st most popular community on the website.

bitcoin reddit

Reddit remains one of the most popular websites in the world, and it is ranked #18 globally in terms of visitors. The company is now valued in the billions, and has recently caught up with Twitter in terms of users, boasting over 300 million monthly active users. The website serves several functions, and is described most commonly as a “social news aggregator”, although it also is a discussion website, as well.

The subreddit more than doubled since last year. In November 2017, the subreddit had only 400,000 users – meaning that the subreddit gained 600,000 users in the past year alone. The second most popular subreddit is r/cryptocurrency, which is creeping up on 800,000 subscribers.

The subreddit does have several rules with regards to discussion. The first three rules include “no malicious content”, “no trolling”, and “no begging”. Other rules include “The primary topic is Bitcoin”, and “Do not promote altcoins”.

Author: Neil Mathew
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