Cardano (ADA) Crypto Card is Here. Pay with ADA in Over 33 000 Retailers

EMURGO, the company which drives the adoption of Cardano and adds value to ADA holders, introduced the much anticipated Cardano (ADA) crypto card in Seoul, South Korea.

The solution is possible thanks to EMURGO and Metaps+ partnership. As the result the partnership will deliver a solution for South Korea residents to use their ADA at more than 33,000 retailers, marking a huge step in the adoption of Cardano.

The news was shared on EMURGO official Youtube channel on December 10, 2018, and the community has accepted the news with a great satisfaction.

The Cardano Crypto Card

Not many specs are shared regarding the Cardano crypto card but one thing is clear, it’s simple and fast to pay as confirmation takes only a few seconds.

It is also visible that the cards are issued with a certain amount of cryptocurrency ADA. In this scenario – 1000 ADA.

Cardano Adoption

Aside from Cardano crypto card introduction, EMURGO seems to be living its moment by driving ADA adoption, as recently together with Ripple, NEM and Fetch.AI launched “Blockchain for Europe” association. Four blockchain global leaders have joined hands to develop an association to represent blockchain originating organizations in Europe.

Moreover, Cardano launched its testnet where users can use the test tokens to experience the current system and learn how to use upcoming features safely and at no cost.

ADA Crypto card Introduction Video:

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Telegram to Debut ‘Test Version’ of Blockchain Platform TON ‘This Autumn,’ Say Investors

Encrypted messenger service Telegram will release a test version of its blockchain-based TON platform “this autumn,” Russian media outlet Vedomosti reports Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Speaking to the publication, investors “confirmed” the authenticity of a circular sent to participants in TON’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) at the start of September.

In the circular, the company said that the platform’s blockchain component was currently under development, with “70 percent” of the product already finished, the publication claims.

Once in operation, TON will also make use of its in-house cryptocurrency, Gram, and will form a “new way of exchanging data.”

Telegram attracted considerable attention earlier this year when it raised almost $1.8 billion in investments for TON and its current messenger app via two private ICO presales.

Following the success of the fundraising, in May executives subsequently cancelled the planned public phase of the ICO.

At the time, Russian media also speculated that authorities’ attempts to block access to Telegram altogether for the country’s residents was a result of the ICO and plans to release Gram, rather than the official explanation that the service flouted data sharing laws.

CEO Pavel Durov declined to comment when asked by Vedomosti to confirm the TON release timeframe.

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Cardano (ADA) Testnet Launched To Focus On Smart-Contracts “Translation”

The IOHK team, announced the launch of its Smart Contracts IELE Cardano Testnet. This is a significant milestone in the Cardano Roadmap as it represents an evolution of the KEVM Testnet released earlier (this May).


In the press release, the IOHK team explains that thanks to this new CardanoTestnet, the level of interaction with the community will be much higher as users will have the opportunity to experience for the first time the characteristics of what would be the real Cardano blockchain.

Today we launch the second Cardano testnet, which is for the IELE virtual machine (VM) and follows our recent launch of the KEVM testnet. The technology is not only an important step on the Cardano roadmap but also for the industry – in offering robust and reliable financial infrastructure. Developers now have the opportunity to explore the smart contracts technology that will be offered as part of Cardano, and to give us their feedback, which we look forward to receiving over the coming months.

The IELE Virtual Machine can understand programs written in Solidity (the native language of the Ethereum network) and “translate” them into a language understandable by the KEVM testnet. This way, code errors that could exist in contracts will be easily identified, allowing efficient and secure writing of smart contracts, providing a “correct-by-design” framework.


It is expeted that once this implementation is 100% ready, dapps development will become much easier and attractive, increasing the adoption of this promising blockchain in virtually any software field.

A very enthusiastic community is following Cardano’s development. Its academic focus, as well as the constant updates, raise very high expectations within the crypto-verse. Charles Hoskinson, one of the leaders of the project talks about Cardano as a “Third Generation Blockchain” focused on solving the problems of scalability and interoperability faced by first generation ( like Bitcoin) or second generation blockchains (like Ethereum).

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