Coinscious Demonstrates How Accurate Crypto Market Data Ultimately Leads to Winning Model

Coinscious, a data and trading analytics provider for the cryptocurrency market, today announces the publication of its article illustrating the high importance of accurate data when creating quantitative and high-frequency trading models with far greater than average performance.

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OHLC Error Rates

A key aspect that is often overlooked in quantitative crypto-trading is the quality of the data being used to design sophisticated prediction models. In the new era of cryptocurrency trading, those with the most data of the highest quality will surely win as the underlying data ultimately determines the execution prices, the model’s behavior, and the model’s ability to fit the market efficiently and effectively.

Many algorithmic traders incorporate massive amounts of data into their algorithms to create better pricing models and leverage large volumes of historical data to backtest their trading algorithms. Particularly with recent advances in machine learning, the data-driven approach to modeling is being emphasized more than ever before.

In the article, the error rates of Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bitmex, Huobi Global, Okex, and Coinbase Pro were measured and then placed in bar chart format to illustrate the accuracy of Coinscious data compared to Kaiko and CoinAPI. The data quality was assessed by comparing each well-known exchange’s OHLCV (open, high, low, close, volume) data with derived OHLCV data.

Whether viewing error rates in trading volume or price movements, Coinscious data proved to be the most accurate among the other data vendors for the top 3 coins (BTC, ETH, and XRP). In average, Coinscious data are 38% better than Kaiko’s data, where the relative errors on OHLC are 39%, 41%, 31%, and 37% respectively. Similar results have also been shown using four alternative coins (ADA, XLM, TRX, ZRX).

When answering the question of why accuracy discrepancies exist across different data providers, a couple of possible reasons are given. For example, it could be due to downtimes of exchange APIs or rate limits getting in the way when there is high activity among the thousands of combinations of cryptocurrency exchanges and trade pairs.

While many companies are collecting vast amounts of data across different exchanges and coins, the quality of the data may be hidden underneath the quantity of the data. Especially in this era of a data-driven finance world, success and risk can be heavily dependent on the data quality and the data operations environment. Obtaining the right trading tools and hiring talented traders can certainly help, but even then, tools and people cannot guarantee success if the data is imperfect. The cryptocurrency finance market could benefit from having more of data quality analysis in order to understand the granular level of datasets and where they can be obtained.

About Coinscious 

Coinscious provides comprehensive data, insights and solutions to professional and non-technical cryptocurrency traders alike. We focus on delivering quick and accurate data to our users, connecting trading systems and strategies to the dynamic crypto market through our enriched data sources and data-driven insights. We specialize in providing traders with tools to allow them to backtest, validate, optimize and execute their own strategies.

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The Blockchain Wallet Plans a $125M Airdrop of Stellar Crypto to Drive Mainstream Adoption

Blockchain, one of the world’s biggest crypto wallets, plans to give away a vast amount of cryptocurrency in a bold move to scale the adoption of crypto to a more mainstream audience.

Blockchain and the Stellar  Development Foundation ( will distribute $125 million worth of Stellar lumens [XLM] to Blockchain’s users. Blockchain is claiming this is the largest airdrop in the history of crypto, and potentially the largest consumer giveaway ever — and to most outside observers, it looks that way.

Critics of the move will, however, may lay the charge that it’s a cynical move akin to cheap marketing techniques. Whatever the case, most people would probably say they’d have quite liked someone to “give them a bitcoin” a few years ago… It remains to be seen, however, what effect it will actually have on the ground in regards to crypto adoption.

Accessible to anyone with a Blockchain wallet, Blockchain says that the first batch of recipients will receive their lumens, Stellar’s native digital currency, this week — for free. The Stellar network has gained a reputation for scalability, with its lumen token enabling competitively quick, low-cost worldwide transactions. It has its critics however, and not every crypto fan out there will be impressed.

In a statement, Peter Smith,  CEO at Blockchain, said:

“At Blockchain, we’re committed to putting our users first. Providing exclusive access to the next generation of cryptoassets allows new and existing users alike to test, try, trade, and transact with new, trusted cryptoassets in a safe and easy way. We’re empowering our users with private keys, which allow them to go beyond just storing their crypto to actually using them. In turn, we can help build a bigger and more engaged crypto community, and drive network effects that make the ecosystem more useful and valuable for the many rather than the few.”

Stellar is Blockchain’s first airdrop partner following the launch of the company’s Airdrops Guiding Principles framework in October 2018.

Jed McCaleb,  co-founder of Stellar Development Foundation, said, “We believe that airdrops are central to creating a more inclusive digital economy. Giving away lumens [XLM] for free is an invitation to communities to design the services they need. Our hope is to eventually have global citizens own and use lumens, in both developing and developed economies. By working with Blockchain to increase the availability and active use of lumens on the network, leveraging their almost 30 million wallets, we will increase the network’s utility by many orders of magnitude.”

As part of the airdrop, Blockchain is also partnering with a number of organizations to further the adoption of lumens, including charity: water, Stanford’s emerging tech initiative,, and Network for Good who share the company’s vision for using this transformational technology to build a better future. Blockchain plans to reveal specific details of each initiative in the coming weeks.

Carissa Carter, director of Teaching and Learning at Stanford, said,

“The strength of any network is derived from innovation. We are excited to join Blockchain on this airdrop to empower some of the most brilliant and creative minds to start experimenting and building on Stellar’s network.”

Author: Mike Butcher
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The Future Stellar Lumens [XLM] $1.00 Prediction Turning Visible

In the case of businesses dedicated to facilitating payments between individuals, the choice of which blockchain to use and which fintech to hire is of vital importance for their growth. However, the relationship between crypto and fiat based fintechs has concluded with a growth in exposure of digital currencies.

When it comes to banks and firms that attempt to adopt blockchain based solutions for processing cross-border transactions or various types of payments, XRP and Stellar take the spotlight with no mercy.

The marketing strategy which Stellar follow is based on growing its partner-list so its payment transferring tech is used and utilized by a wider reach. The platform is on constant development to bring the architecture required for expansion.

By no doubt, the native token’s price [XLM] is impacted by any firm advancement or asset support that exchanges bring.

None other than the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase is staying behind its mid-July teasing twitter post of exploring 6 assets.

Today we are announcing that we’re exploring the addition of the following assets to Coinbase: Cardano (ADA), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC) and 0x (ZRX).

Two of the six coins have already welcomed the support from CB in the past weeks and knowing that its only the beginning of November, it could be a matter of weeks before the exchange delivers much awaited news for the other remaining four.

October 16th, 2018 – via their official twitter handle Coinbase launched ZRX [0x] on and on the Android and IOS applications too.

Two weeks after – November 2nd, 2018 – the San Francisco based cryptocurrency exchange of Coinbase Pro has announced that it has successfully added Basic Attention Token (BAT) onto its platform.

After 1pm PT on Friday, November 2, we will begin accepting inbound transfers of Basic Attention Token (BAT) to Coinbase Pro.

We will accept deposits for at least 12 hours prior to enabling trading. Once sufficient liquidity is established, trading on the BAT/USDC order book will start.

Users may convert their USD to USDC with one click within the Pro interface as described here. BAT trading will be accessible for users in most jurisdictions, but will not initially be available for residents of the state of New York.

Please also note that BAT is not yet available at or in our iOS and Android apps. We will make a separate announcement when that occur – announcement blog post

Since the event, the pair BAT/USD has experienced a stellar bullish run reaching 14.03% gain only in the last 24-hours being the highest among leading coins. This could be only the beginning for the days ahead.

Reflecting on Stellar XLM – keeping in mind that the speedy coin is the sixth largest coin by market capitalization its community support is possibly of higher scale and the exchange’s support impact will be of no doubt game-changing for any XLM HODler. Following the major drop that took place on 29th of Oct, Stellar is among the coins which had a better recovery and weekly placement including BCH and XRP.

Author: Alex Tomzack
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Out of beta – StellarX marketplace has now launched

StellarX, the first full-featured trading app for Stellar’s universal marketplace has now launched, it has been in beta test mode over the past several months. The marketplace offers crypto, fiat tethers, commodities, bonds, and more.

The market does not hold user keys and isn’t an exchange of any kind. It essentially is a GUI for the public to access the Stellar trading environment.

We tested, and the signup process was convenient, everything worked great as far as registering, making a great first impression from the start. After verifying your email address, you are then asked to enter in your Stellar Secret Key, you will need a secret key to access the Stellar marketplace.

You can pair your secret key by three options, StellarX will create a new one for you, use an already existing one, or use a Ledger hardware device.

During testing, we decided to create a new one, we were asked to check off the box that enables Stellar airdrops (1% APR), then you are asked to choose your preferred currency. Even though trades on the StellarX marketplace use Stellar lumens (XLM) users have the options of pricing assets in whatever is most familiar with them. The options include the native XLM, USD, EUR, GBP, IDR, CNY, KRW, and mBTC. We choose USD for testing purposes.

Once complete, you are given your recovery key, which you should save right away in a safe place.


StellarX is a third-party client built on top of Stellar’s open marketplace. It was created and run by Interstellar, a new company formed to make building and operating on Stellar even easier. Interstellar is an independent commercial entity and not affiliated with Stellar Development Foundation.

Users can transfer funds to the exchange with lumens (XLM) and other cryptocurrencies. StellarX uses Changelly as its cross-chain exchange provider to make it easy to deposit a wide variety of crypto assets from within the account page. They convert your funds to XLM and charge 0.5% for the conversion. StellarX takes no fee.

Key features added to StellarX over the past few weeks of beta testing:

  • Ledger support
  • Direct USD deposits
  • The ability to send tokens to any Stellar or federation address
  • An improved markets view so it’s easier to tell which token is which

StellarX also added custom payment aliases, which means users can go to their profile settings and can claim yourname*

Author: CryptoNinjas
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Stellar Price: XLM Cryptocurrency Ready to Resume Rally

The Stellar price has been rising steadily over the last two days. On Friday, Sept. 21, it is trading at 0.2514, adding 8.60% to its value. This rally is based on both tech signals and the overall market trends, says Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, chief analyst at RoboForex.

On H3, Stellar is rising after the MACD convergence and the descending channel resistance breakout. The local target is at the long term channel resistance, i.e. 0.2750. The support is now the ex-resistance, which was previously broken out. The rally is also supported by the Stochastic forming the golden cross and the MACD moving into the positive territory.

On H1, the rally has stopped near the projection channel resistance, which, with the Stochastic moving into the oversold territory, may signal a pullback to the support at 0.2300.

There has not been much news for Stellar recently, but still, there’s been some. For instance, OKCoin has added 5 new instruments to its portfolio, which includes Stellar. This may boost the interest towards the crypto, as it’s now available for trading.

Previously, Stellar obtained the Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) certificate, as the authority licensed by the Bahrain Central Bank allowed Stellar to establish presence in the country once the recommendations are fulfilled. The SRB was especially interested in the crypto itself, while the authority is absolutely fine with the blockchain itself.

Conquering the Gulf of Persia was a very daring goal, but it looks like nothing is impossible for Stellar. As the management says, the Shariah certificate will help look at the platform and its technologies at another angle. Meanwhile, what Stellar is interested in is overseas payments and asset digitization. As the Islamic financial market is huge and Bahrain is striving to become its center, it looks like Stellar is going the right way.


Any predictions contained herein are based on the authors’ particular opinion. This analysis shall not be treated as trading advice. RoboForex shall not be held liable for the results of the trades arising from relying upon trading recommendations and reviews contained herein.

Author: Timofey Zuev
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8 Exciting Projects On The Stellar (XLM) Platform

The Stellar platform has witnessed a lot of attention as of late; and in the midst of a down market has held strong in its ratio against Bitcoin. One reason for the excitement behind Stellar are the projects being created that are using its platform.

LIONBITEthereum has been credited for opening a new horizon for all sort of blockchain oriented applications, Stellar, on the other hand, has earned credibility through projects like those below, keeping its reputation strong as a powerful player in the crypto space.

Below are eight projects to get you excited on the stellar platform.

1. The IBM Universal Payment Solution

Leading technology giant IBM is using the Stellar network to give more transparency into their payment structure. Though the tech giant has partnered with lots of banks of all sorts, private and federal and state-backed including central banks, especially in the Asian Pacific region, it’s looking to see what Stellar can provide for it.

According to the head of Blockchain solutions at the firm, Jesse Lund, the company is close to helping a central bank move paper money onto the Stellar blockchain network.

Analysts have envisaged that the Stellar/IBM partnership could eventually replace the SWIFT/IBAN payment infrastructure as a global standard. If this happens, it will have a big impact on the XLM cryptocurrency in a great way.

2. Veridium

Veridium is in partnership with both the IBM and Stellar to tokenize the carbon credit market globally. The new start is bent on incorporating their native token, VERDE with the trading platforms that deal with oil and gas, in a bid to automate the process of offsetting carbon emissions.

This means that, when an individual or an establishment make a purchase, they have the option to purchase a corresponding amount of carbon credit to offset their activities. For big corporations and established institutions, it could serve as a basis for achieving carbon neutrality. It can also help with achieving environmental accountability among others.

3. Stellar X

In its bid to become a major player and an authority in the peer-to-peer decentralized exchange industry, Stellar X is putting all hands on deck to create a great user experience.

Having Stellar behind it brings some concern on the “decentralized” aspect, but if it can be a great exchange it could boost Stellar and DEX’s range of activity.

The major feature could give it an edge against other DEX platforms as its been able to leverage the Stellar Anchor Network.

TIP4. Open Garden

Open Garden allows its users to turn their phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and get paid in Lumens for data used.

It may not pan out in USA and Europe, but fits perfectly into Stellar Market Base, since its target is mostly places where internet connectivity isn’t available to most people.

5. TillBilly

The platform is planning on establishing a thoroughbred point-of-sale service on the Stellar Network. This would be way cheaper if weighed against credit and debit cards and Apple pay, while automatically calculating loyalty points.

To ease the burden of the paper receipt, the platform will offer a digital alternative to rid this issue.

6. Slice

Real Estate is a hit with investors of all kinds. Since its relatively risky to buy real estate in a foreign country with lots of rules and regulations, Slice is tokenizing real estate projects previously only accessible to institutions that are established in the U.S.

Though the competition is rife in this market and real estate worldwide, Slice is pretty confident of its survival.

7. Sure Remit

Africa is a big market, and the number of Africans abroad means that they will have to send money home. Sure Remit is a remittance network that Africans can use to send money home to their loved ones. It has also partnered with Stellar, with branches in Kenya, Rwanda and other African countries. Africa is said to be its biggest Market, with billions of dollars sent home by Africans abroad, every yearly.

It can also be used to pay utility bills online and also e-shops.

8. SmartLands

SmartLands is all about tokenizing agricultural lands on the Stellar Network. This is a point in the right direction, as cryptocurrency is gradually fazing away fiat currency, and enabling the use of cryptocurrencies for acquiring landed properties. It’s a foresight that could pay off with great dividend if cryptocurrencies become valuable enough to reach rural and agricultural investment and developments.

WMPROHere at Dollar Destruction, we endeavour to bring to you the latest, most important news from around the globe. We scan the web looking for the most valuable content and dish it right up for you! The content of this article was provided by the source referenced. Dollar Destruction does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. As always, we encourage you to perform your own research!

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Stellar Lumens (XLM) Could Be On The Verge Of A Massive Breakout

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is currently at a very interesting point where it can be expected to record massive gains from here on out. The last time Stellar (XLM) had a similar price action; it made a 33x move! As the current market correction draws to an end, Stellar (XLM) looks all set to lead the altcoin rally from this point. The question is, “What will trigger this massive rally?”

Stellar Chart With Values

There is an easy answer to that and there is a more complex answer to this. The easy and obvious explanation is that Stellar Lumens (XLM) is a lot like Ripple (XRP) in terms of price action. It has also had a similar correction. So, if the market were to recover from this point, Stellar (XLM) could be expected to recover most of its losses as well as mark new highs as part of the new altcoin rally. The trend line for Stellar (XLM) since the beginning of the year has held so far and points to green days in the near future.

The more sophisticated explanation as to why Stellar (XLM) could record such massive gains is the fact that Stellar (XLM) is Payment 2.0. It has one of the fastest transaction confirmation times of just a few seconds. Now, some might argue that this puts it close to Ripple (XRP), below Ripple (XRP) or above Ripple (XRP). However, the fact remains that Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) serve two distinct markets and completely different purposes. Stellar (XLM) is supposed to be a peer to peer payment platform to directly connect two or more parties. In other words, Stellar (XLM) empowers people to be their own bank and exchange value among themselves without the need for a middle man.

.Speaking of middlemen, the purpose of Ripple (XRP) is to empower financial institutions that serve as intermediaries for online transactions and cross border payments. In other words, Ripple (XRP) wants to empower banks instead of the people. Perhaps this is why many in the crypto community see Stellar (XLM) as a better investment compared to Ripple (XRP), especially with the legal trouble Ripple (the company) currently is in as well as the future prospects and actual use of its XRP tokens.

Stellar Chart With Values

When Bitcoin (BTC) first came into existence, many crypto enthusiasts thought it is going to replace fiat currency and serve as a universal mode of payment. It is still possible considering Bitcoin (BTC) is widely accepted, recognized and respected. However, the current market cap of Bitcoin (BTC) makes it unstable to serve as a mode of payment due to wide price fluctuations. Some day when Bitcoin (BTC) market cap is in trillions of dollars, maybe fluctuations will decrease. However, considering how Bitcoin (BTC) has succeeded in becoming more of a store of value (as digital gold) rather than a mode of payment, projects like Stellar (XLM) have a better shot at being used as mode of payment. Stellar (XLM) continues to trade in falling wedge on the XLM/BTC daily chart and is likely to break out in the days ahead.

Here at Dollar Destruction, we endeavour to bring to you the latest, most important news from around the globe. We scan the web looking for the most valuable content and dish it right up for you! The content of this article was provided by the source referenced. Dollar Destruction does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. As always, we encourage you to perform your own research!

Author Fakhan
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Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) Winning in Unique Styles

Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) these two have unique architectural designs that can make them thrive together.With the number of Altcoins ballooning every day, competition appears to be taking shape in. however, for the crypto dwarf; the competition tends to deter new adopters from testing the waters. This however is not the scenario between Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP).

The two coins are not actually competing against each other; each a clear cut route and target niche. Their co-existence has been proven by investors who hold both coins. However, staunch XLM holders look upon their XRP counterparts as a threat to the growth of their subscriber bases. The fact is, the two coins can exist and still win in the market in their own unique styles.

XLM and XRP Market Niche and Pricing
XLM and XRP coins are lowly priced which is ideal for mass adoption. With the growing crypto verse ach coin is charting their market entry and the investor is only interested in the value proposition at the end of the day. The growing number of Altcoins is because the original coin, BTC, had many shortfalls and these new coins seek to seal these loopholes and XLM and XRP has stood out of the crowd with real world use cases.

Both coins target the masses using the existing banking establishments and so far, there are not conflicts in terms of products and audience targeting. The consumer on the other hand is crypto sensitized and know their needs and aspirations. The user is looking at the face value of each coin from the long-term investment perspective and not just the current price.

The two coins present an enticing entry point for the ordinary and institutional digital asset investor. The lasts 24 trading session has seen the XLM price stand at $0.210669 backed by $3.9 for its market cap. XRP was being quoted at $0.490484 with market dominance of $19.3billion. By looking at these figures, the value of XRP is greater than the XLM one with a superior market cap.

With this kind of balance, there are no rivalries between the two. Ripple (XRP) has been appreciated by the banks as an outfit that seeks to solve real world banking problems. This has seen more than 75 banking establishments come onboard the platform this year alone. This support means XRP products are adding value to the sector and this is propping the coin towards its winning ways.

Stellar (XLM) has its own supporting partnerships but has not made a lot of impact with its strategic collaborations. However, the Stellar partnership is different from that of Ripple and these are giving Stellar the trust and confidence an investor looks for in a digital coin. Stellar partnership gains are long term and a good example is the IBM partnership.

What Sets Stellar and Ripple Apart?
The teams behind the two digital coin outfits are different with Stellar comprising of entrepreneurs and focusing on startups while Ripple team is drawn from the banks. These two backgrounds might seem worlds apart but they are more complementary than competing.

Many crypto analysts see Ripple (XRP) as a virtual coin that is poised to attain the global currency status in the future. The coin beats Stellar in terms of market reach and global appeal but this is a gap that XLM is working towards bridging very soon. Ripple has always gained a lot of social media attention for the various reasons while Stellar work behind the scenes.

Stellar (XLM) is a sleeping giant and appears to have smelt the coffee and has been very active of late. The platform is still under development and there is more that needs to be done before it attains Ripple status. The two coin coexistence remains healthy and they are not 100% perfect. The digital coin investor has the final say as to which coin becomes an instant it going into the future.

Here at Dollar Destruction, we endeavour to bring to you the latest, most important news from around the globe. We scan the web looking for the most valuable content and dish it right up for you! The content of this article was provided by the source referenced. Dollar Destruction does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. As always, we encourage you to perform your own research!

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Stellar (XLM) Partnership With IBM Backed By Australian Gov

There are +1,600 cryptocurrencies and platforms out there in the market that each of them presents a solution for the user. Some very user specific, and some in a global scale changing.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is an on-second excitement trigger as the flux of new inventions that it receives is over-the-roof. That is why many individuals find it difficult to separate good from bad, or a sleeping giant from mere dust.

Stellar XLM

One of them, very worth to mention is Stellar [that goes by the XLM token] which has many arguments supporting to stand upfront over many other altcoins.

Despite the fact that Stellar runs on the same blockchain-tech like Bitcoin does, its advanced speed and resolving transactions within few seconds make it stand out alone.

In another end, Stellar gives users an edge to exchange Lumens with government-supported tenders. What this is saying is that it is possible for you to send fund to your friends in any sphere in a twinkle of an eye, and at the same time, they will receive it without any delay. Interestingly, it is possible they exchange it for any currency.

Money remittance has always been out of reach for the ordinary consumer and the entrance of the various digital currencies has been competing for the marginalized niche that forms the bulk of XLM consumption. With Stellar, banks can adapt their payment systems suit their infrastructural designs to be welcomed by institutional & individuals needs. It is very user friendly and dApp creator-welcoming.

Stellar Teaming Up

Open-source, distributed payments infrastructure Stellar (XLM) is aiming to surpass 3rd largest coin as it teams up with Keybase to improve cross-border transactions. Stellar has revealed that it is working with Keybase, a free security app for mobile phones and computers, to boost cross-border transactions. This is something that Ripple offers through its RippleNet blockchain platform that has over 100 member banks and financial institutions.

However, unlike Ripple, which is a for-profit enterprise, Stellar functions as a nonprofit organisation. Not only that, but while Ripple is considered to operate in a centralised fashion Stellar has taken a more decentralised approach.

Its list of partners is rich as no-other. One of Stellar’s strategic team-up, IBM has been awarded a contract by the Aussie government worth $750 mil. This is a move meant to transform Australia to an e-government using the blockchain technology.

If everything goes by plan, it will rank the nation as one of the leading e-governments to implement blockchain. Accordingly, quantum computing and AI will be set to high priority too.

On top of the cake, the Aussie gov plans to use Stellar’s block-tech to deliver social security welfare while being supported by IBM. Without doubt all the above will raise the token demand and increase the price many times. So keep an eye open for Stellar Lumens XLM as its success is looking very solid.

Trade safely and do not overtrade!

Here at Dollar Destruction, we endeavour to bring to you the latest, most important news from around the globe. We scan the web looking for the most valuable content and dish it right up for you! The content of this article was provided by the source referenced. Dollar Destruction does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. As always, we encourage you to perform your own research!

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Breaking – Stellar’s (XLM) Anticipated Trading Platform Frontend Announced for Release

The much-anticipated front-end development of the Stellar network’s underlying trading protocol (SDEX), hinted at in the Stellar Development Foundation’s January roadmap, has been announced as StellarX – the first fully-featured trading app for Stellar’s universal marketplace and back-end technology.

“Hello! I’m very happy to announce StellarX–a new trading platform built on the Stellar universal marketplace. We’re free–we’re refunding network fees and using to get every user his/her inflation–and, of course, being on Stellar we’re super fast.”


Posting on r/Stellar, the StellarX developers revealed their project and reasons for choosing to develop on the network.

“We’ll list every token on Stellar (provided the issuers do stuff like complete their toml) so that means you’ll be trading crypto, fiat, commodities, whatever, once we launch.”

Features such as completely fee-free trading and the listing and trading of all asset types will be possible, whilst also taking advantage of the protocol’s super-fast settlement times. Users will be able to trade from their own wallet, and even collect the 1% weekly inflation from the Lumenaut’s inflation pool. Because the Stellar network’s fees are so small, StellarX can offer completely free trading – essentially absorbing the minimal transactional costs.

The third-party team behind the new complete trading app have previously developed industry blockbuster projects such as Headspace, Kickstarter and OkCupid, and worked with the Stellar Development Foundation to ‘ensure StellarX delivers the optimal Stellar Experience’.

As if that wasn’t enough, these industry developer veterans went on to sing Stellar’s technological praises in this medium post, waxing lyrical about their ‘fantastic settlement backend’, saying that they ‘…believe Stellar is actually underappreciated’. This news will come as a mixture of relief and excitement for proponents of Stellar and XLM, finally getting to hear about the ‘…world-class front-end that our underlying technology has long deserved.’ hinted at 6 months ago. Whatever the wider market reaction, this development promises to deliver a potentially world-beating decentralised cryptocurrency exchange on the Stellar network.

StellarX will be live this summer, with early beta signups available for keen cryptocurrency users.

Here at Dollar Destruction, we endeavour to bring to you the latest, most important news from around the globe. We scan the web looking for the most valuable content and dish it right up for you! The content of this article was provided by the source referenced. Dollar Destruction does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. As always, we encourage you to perform your own research!

Author: George Naylor
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