In 24 Hours Nexo Sees Over $2Million In XRP Crypto-Backed Loans Requests, Considers xRapid

Credissimo supported crypto lending platform ‘Nexo’ received more than $2,000,000 in XRP crypto-backed loans requests within 24 hours, stating that it is considering the integration of  xRapid in the future.

The Switzerland-based Nexo that gives immediate cryptocurrency-backed loans to people, stated that it now accepts XRP as a collateral option for its almost immediate digital currency loans.

As cryptocurrency becomes widely accepted, blockchain-supported loans are becoming the order of the day, and are now seen as the future of short term loans for personal use or margin trading.

In this wise, many a number of crypto lovers have lauded the awesome support Nexo is giving to digital currency. The platform is regarded today as the only company to first offer services in over 200 jurisdictions for nothing less than 40 fiat currencies. In the same line, Nexo is the only firm that provides immediate credits without any hindrance.

After receiving more than $2,000,000 in XRP crypto-backed loans requests within 24 hours, the platform cut short pre-sales owing to oversubscription.

With available statistics, the subscription skyrocket by around 11 times, becoming the highest recorded in history.

Speaking on the development, the co-founder of Nexo, Antoni Trenchev stated that “With the aforesaid features coming in handy, Nexo has soared high to be among one of the best crypto services. This trend is attributed to Nexo’s classy platform and the incredible user interface. This is a team that has a successful track record for over 10 years extending over $120 million in credit.”

Plan To Integrate Ripple’s xRapid

Meanwhile, the co-founder of the platform, Antoni has said they are planning to integrate xRapid on the platform soon.

Asked by a respected XRP lover, by the name Ecent, whether Nexo has the intention of integrating Ripple’s XRP through xRapid or xVia, Antoni said “We have been talking to Ethan about xRapid, will keep you posted.”

Author:  Jack Marshall
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