Ripple’s xRapid Client, FLEETCOR, About Buying Western Union Business Payments

Ripple’s xRapid –Information reaching us states that Western Union and FLEETCOR are nearing an agreement to completely sell the WU’s business payments operationsPE Hubstated on Wednesday, November 15, 2018.

PE Hub, which cited three unnamed sources, airs that Citi is the dealing advisor, stating further that the deal could reach nothing less than $600 million.

While this has not been confirmed, Deutsche Bank Analyst Ashish Sabadra said in September that FLEETCOR is a prospective purchaser of Western Union’s business payments unit.

The statement was succeeded by Bloomberg reports indicating that Western Union was doing an underground work to sell the operations that provides cross-border B2B payments services.

Sabadra maintained in the report that Cambridge Global Payments, a subsidiary acquired last year by FLEETCOR makes the firm a growing B2B payments company. Sabadra believes the acquisition of Western Union business payments assets is a step forward for the payment company.

Ripple and FLEETCOR Technologies Explores Ripple’s xRapid

1st March 2018, Ripple (XRP) announced that Cambridge Global Payments, a subsidiary of FLEETCOR Technologies, has decided to launch a pilot program that purposely intends using XRP in cross-border payment flows through xRapid.

With its over 13,000 clients across the globe, Cambridge handles around $20 billion in international transactions every year.

The company decided to make use of XRP in order to provide its clients with the state of the art cross-border payments experience that is more transparent, cheaper, and faster. The firm is also looking into xCurrent.

The purchase of Western Union’s Business Payments operation is a step closer to WU’s expected decision to use any of Ripple’s cross-border tools like xVia, xCurrent, or xRapid.

Ripple (XRP) Elbows Ethereum (ETH) Down To Third, Sits Confidently On The Second Position

The market is regaining its strength back and many coins are beginning to flaunt green colors in the market. Ripple’s XRP seems to be an opportunist of the recent bearish market and the present recover.

In the recent bearish market, while many were plunging massively, losing big from their market cap, XRP got affected slightly and lost not so much from its market cap compared to the like of Ethereum (ETH) making it displace the then known world second largest Cryptocurrency in the table.

XRP has since been the second position while Ethereum maintains the third position.

Also, while the last 24 hours has been featured with market recovery, Ripple (XRP) is placed amongst the top gaining coins in the market, spacing Ethereum (ETH) with wider margin which some referred to as an irreconcilable gap.

After starting the last 24 hours priced $0.4568 according to Coinranking, the altcoin began its upside trend trip on the rising wedge and it is yet to relent.

Xrp Price Today Takes Over Ethereum

At the early hours of the Asian trading session today, trade pair XRP/USD attained its highest price of the day, $0.4852, as at press time.

As at the time of writing this article, XRP/USD has added 3.21% to its value in the market, and it is priced $0.4715 against dollars.

Author: Oliver Green
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In 24 Hours Nexo Sees Over $2Million In XRP Crypto-Backed Loans Requests, Considers xRapid

Credissimo supported crypto lending platform ‘Nexo’ received more than $2,000,000 in XRP crypto-backed loans requests within 24 hours, stating that it is considering the integration of  xRapid in the future.

The Switzerland-based Nexo that gives immediate cryptocurrency-backed loans to people, stated that it now accepts XRP as a collateral option for its almost immediate digital currency loans.

As cryptocurrency becomes widely accepted, blockchain-supported loans are becoming the order of the day, and are now seen as the future of short term loans for personal use or margin trading.

In this wise, many a number of crypto lovers have lauded the awesome support Nexo is giving to digital currency. The platform is regarded today as the only company to first offer services in over 200 jurisdictions for nothing less than 40 fiat currencies. In the same line, Nexo is the only firm that provides immediate credits without any hindrance.

After receiving more than $2,000,000 in XRP crypto-backed loans requests within 24 hours, the platform cut short pre-sales owing to oversubscription.

With available statistics, the subscription skyrocket by around 11 times, becoming the highest recorded in history.

Speaking on the development, the co-founder of Nexo, Antoni Trenchev stated that “With the aforesaid features coming in handy, Nexo has soared high to be among one of the best crypto services. This trend is attributed to Nexo’s classy platform and the incredible user interface. This is a team that has a successful track record for over 10 years extending over $120 million in credit.”

Plan To Integrate Ripple’s xRapid

Meanwhile, the co-founder of the platform, Antoni has said they are planning to integrate xRapid on the platform soon.

Asked by a respected XRP lover, by the name Ecent, whether Nexo has the intention of integrating Ripple’s XRP through xRapid or xVia, Antoni said “We have been talking to Ethan about xRapid, will keep you posted.”

Author:  Jack Marshall
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Ripple Effect: XRP to Serve as Collateral for $300 Million Cred USD Loan Facility

In another significant news for XRP, holders of the popular cryptocurrency now have access to a $300 million loan facility from Cred. This news is the latest in a long line of real-world adoption for the Ripple cryptocurrency.

In a press release published by Business Wire on Thursday (November 8, 2018), Cred announced the launch of a new $300 million credit facility. According to the statement, holders of the token can use the cryptocurrency as collateral to access the loans.

Commenting on the move, Cred co-founder, Dan Schatt, said:

“We’re thrilled to offer XRP holders the same low rates and convenient liquidity services as ETH and BTC holders. We’re looking forward to continuing to support our many partners who are integrating the Cred platform for the benefit of their users.”

In a tweet published by the company also on Thursday, Cred encouraged Ripple users to avail themselves of the unique opportunity afforded by the credit facility. The XRP-collateralized loans allow Ripple token holders to hold XRP without incurring tax and pay single-digit interest rates on loans.

For Michael Arrington of Arrington XRP Capital, the credit facility is indicative of Cred’s ability to tap into the emerging market of cryptocurrency-backed lending. Speaking about the development, the Ripple permabull said:

As a Cred borrower, I appreciate how responsive Cred is to my needs. They continue to impress me with their ability to act as a trusted bridge between the traditional financial services ecosystem and the crypto community. Cred is successfully building the next generation of lending and earning products, and their recognition of XRP as an asset class is important.

The Quest for Increasing XRP Utility

Improving its token’s utility continues to the primary focus of Ripple as it strives the get the third-ranked cryptocurrency in everyday use. Recently, Weiss Ratings judged the token to be among four of the “best buy” coin options in the market.

While SWIFT has denied rumors of a possible integration with Ripple, the company has been able to secure many other important partnerships and adoptions. At the start of the month, Ethereum World News reported on the launch of a payment system that can send XRP via text messages. There are also plans to integrate the XRP Tip Bot with Amazon Alexa.

Recently, Changelly, a cryptocurrency exchange platform launched credit/debit card purchases for the Ripple token. This development opens up the XRP/fiat trading market to potentially 3.5 million users.

Author: Osato Avan-Nomayo
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Ripple (XRP) Leads Altcoin Retreat as Early-Week Rally Fizzles

Led by ripple (XRP), the bitcoin and the altcoin markets edged lower on Thursday after staying on the bulls’ side for most of the week.

Ripple Price Headlines Pullback

The cryptocurrency market as a whole witnessed their uptrends getting stalled. Other top performers during the previous rally, including stellar (XLM), bitcoin cash (BCH) and EOS, underwent a sharp pullback action. However, they managed to hold on to some of their gains despite being unable to sustain their prevailing bullish momentum.

The crypto correction coincided with the pullback session of US stocks. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq also rebounded from their rallies as dollar regained strength ahead of the Fed meeting. While a direct correlation between the dollar and crypto markets is difficult to establish, the fact that both the new and the old market corrected in sync with each other raises questions, anyway.

With the strongest altcoins holding above their medium-term supports, their fiat-enabled pairs could also be forming bull flags. It means that a bearish correction could have been caused by day traders exiting their long positions, suggesting that an upside trend should resume after locating an interim support — a bounce back level.


XRP, for instance, became one of the best performing crypto assets after rising 26.94 percent, from $0.449 to $0.570. The coin later erased circa 14 percent from its gains, now trading at $0.507, which also happens to be above the rising channel support, depicted in orange to the downside. The interim mood should start to favoring bears upon a successful breakdown action below the said rising support level.

There were also reports that XRP rallied after the news of its integration into a global payment standard SWIFT, and corrected after the agency dismissed the rumor altogether. Any such correlation could not be established by the time of this writing.

Bitcoin Upside Capped


The cryptocurrency locomotive bitcoin also found its rally capped by its 100-period simple moving average — the third time now. The average is depicted in sky blue in the daily chart above, defining bitcoin’s inability to recapture the bulls near such resistance levels. Nevertheless, the pullback is not that severe, but can certainly extend towards the range support defined by $6,203. A breakout, on the other hand, puts the next resistance pressure on $6,600, followed by $6,750 and $7,000 in medium-term.

High Volume in BCH/USD Market

Unlike XRP and bitcoin, bitcoin cash is witnessing a surge in volume in the time of its pullback action. It should appear natural ahead of an impending fork event that would split the BCH blockchain into two separate networks. Traders are likely to hold BCH coins in hopes to receive airdropped tokens that may or may not have some value in the future.


As of now, bitcoin cash is looking to attempt a breakout action above the latest medium-term descending triangle resistance. It would allow the pair to test $663 as its potential upside target while eyeing $788 to confirm a longer bullish bias. To the downside, an extended pullback would pull the value towards the 100-period moving average (sky blue), a support level, while setting $407 as the primary downside target.

Stellar Strongest among Top 10


Stellar is comparatively stronger than the rest of the top coins, now trending sideways following the hint of a strong pullback action. The coin against the dollar has almost negated the losses it faced during the bearish correction. It is now hinting a sideways action while keeping its eyes on a potential selling action towards. Should that happen, the near-term rising trendline coinciding with the 100-period SMA could provide a decent support for a potential bounce back. A further break and the same pressure would fall on the medium-term support further below.

Disclaimer:  The author currently holds bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and stellar for both short and long-term investments.

Author: Yashu Gola
Image Credit: Charts from TradingView.

The Ripple Effect: Developers Bring XRP to Amazon Alexa

The avid XRP developer Wietse Wind is lending his support to a new project to bring XRP to Amazon Alexa.

The third-party feature is designed to let users check their balances, and send and receive XRP by saying a few simple commands. The project essentially brings the XRP Tip Bot to Alexa. The popular bot is already up and running on the web, allowing anyone to send XRP to people on Reddit, Twitter and Discord.

The project is led by the independent programmer Nixer. Once it’s finished, it will be submitted to the Alexa skills store for approval.

Wietse Wind, the creator of the XRP Tip Bot, recently hinted that new features like this are on the horizon. He’s now actively working to make it easy for developers to integrate with the tipping platform, opening the door for a variety of apps that allow users to transfer value by using XRP.

You can check out a recent interview with the leading XRP developer here.

Author: Daily Hodl Staff

Bitcoin and Altcoins Consolidating Gains Above Key Supports

Bitcoin price
A fresh correction wave was initiated from well above the USD 6,600 level in bitcoin price . BTC/USD traded below the USD 6,575 level and tested the USD 6,550 support (the previous resistance). The price is currently consolidating and it seems like there could be a renewed upside above USD 6,580 in the near term.
On the flip side, if there is an extended downside correction, the price may perhaps test the next major support at USD 6,500. The overall price action is positive as long as bitcoin is above USD 6,550 and USD 6,500.

Ethereum price
Ethereum price also corrected lower recently and traded below the USD 220 level. ETH/USD tested the USD 215 level and it is currently consolidating. If it stays above USD 215, there might be an upward move above the USD 220 level.
If not, the price could slide further towards the USD 208 support, which was a significant barrier for buyers previously and now it is likely to hold losses.

Bitcoin cash and ripple price
Bitcoin cash price started a sharp downside correction below the USD 600 level. BCH/USD is down more than 4% and it is currently heading towards the USD 570 support. If there are further losses, the price may well test the USD 550 support. On the upside, an initial resistance is near USD 600, above which the price may retest USD 630.
Ripple price is slightly under pressure as it failed to stay above the USD 0.530 and USD 0.525 support levels. The next major support awaits near USD 0.500 where XRP/USD will most likely find a strong buying interest. On the upside, the previous supports at USD 0.525 and USD 0.530 might act as resistances.

Other altcoins market today
Despite the recent correction in bitcoin, a few small cap altcoins traded higher between 5%-8%, including POLY, WAX, BAT and NPXS. Out of these, POLY is up around 8% and WAX gained roughly 7%.
To sum up, it seems like bitcoin is correcting recent gains, but there are many supports on the downside between USD 6,560 and USD 6,500. If there is a downside break below USD 6,500, there are chances of a sharp decline in BTC/USD. Similarly, ethereum must stay above the USD 208 and USD 202 support levels. If not, there is a risk of a fresh bearish wave below USD 200.

Author: Aayush Jindal
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Bitcoin and Ripple Could Resume Bullish Moves

Bitcoin price
There were positive moves in bitcoin price above the USD 6,350 level recently. BTC/USD traded above the USD 6,400 resistance to enter a bullish zone. However, the price failed to clear the USD 6,450 level and later it started a downside correction.
The price is currently consolidating near the USD 6,450 level and it seems like it could climb higher once again. If it corrects further lower, buyers might appear near the USD 6,390 and USD 6,350 levels. On the upside, a break above the USD 6,450 resistance could push the price towards the USD 6,500 hurdle.

Ethereum price
Ethereum price also moved higher and broke the USD 197 and USD 199 resistances. ETH/USD also spiked towards the USD 204 level before retreating back to USD 200.
The price is currently testing the USD 200 level, below which it could test the USD 198 level. If there are further declines, sellers are likely to take control for a push towards the USD 190 level in the near term.

Bitcoin cash and ripple price
Bitcoin cash price is slowly moving higher, but it is still struggling to clear the USD 430 resistance. BCH/USD may gain traction if there is a break above the USD 430 and USD 440 resistance levels. The main supports on the downside are USD 420 and USD 410.
Ripple price remained in a bullish zone and moved above the USD 0.455 resistance. XRP/USD traded close to the USD 0.460 level and it is currently consolidating gains. If there is a break above the USD 0.460 resistance, the price may climb towards USD 0.475.

Other altcoins market today
A few small cap coins traded higher today and gained between 5%-12%, including RVN, BAT, ZRX, WAX, SRAT and CNX. Out of these, RVN gained around 10% and BAT is up roughly 7%.
Overall, bitcoin is slowly recovering and if there is a strong move above the USD 6,450 resistance, buyers are likely to take control. On the other hand, if BTC/USD fails to stay above USD 6,400, it could decline back towards USD 6,300. Major altcoins like ethereum and ripple are also trading with a bullish angle and they might trade steadily higher.

Author: Aayush Jindal
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Bitcoin and Ethereum Stuck in a Tiny Range

During the past few days, bitcoin traded in a tight range above the USD 6,400 support. BTC/USD climbed above the USD 6,500 resistance, but it failed to gain momentum above the USD 6,550 and USD 6,600 resistances. Similarly, ethereum price traded in a range above the USD 200 handle. ETH/USD needs to surpass the USD 208 and USD 210 hurdles to move into a bullish zone. Overall, the current price action (UTC 08:20 AM) indicates that both major cryptocurrencies are preparing for the next big move, which is likely to ignite a lot of volatility in the market.

Bitcoin price
There is a strong support formed near the USD 6,400 level in bitcoin price . BTC/USD is currently trading in a USD 100 range, with an immediate resistance at USD 6,490. A successful close above the USD 6,490 and USD 6,500 resistance levels is likely to set the pace for an extended upward move towards USD 6,550. However, the price must break the USD 6,600 weekly resistance for a larger rally in the coming days.
On the flip side, an immediate support is at USD 6,450. If the price breaks the USD 6,450 support, it could visit the main weekly support near USD 6,400, below which sellers are likely to take control.

Ethereum price
Ethereum price is confined in a range above the USD 200 support. ETH/USD is facing many hurdles near the USD 206, USD 208 and USD 210 levels. Therefore, a daily close above USD 210 is needed for an upside acceleration.
On the other hand, if there is a downside break below the USD 200 support, the price is likely to decline sharply towards the USD 185 pivot level.

Bitcoin cash and ripple price
Bitcoin cash price is currently consolidating below the USD 440 resistance, which was a support earlier. BCH/USD must break the USD 450 and USD 460 weekly resistances to climb towards USD 500 this week. If not, there is a risk of a downside break towards the USD 400 support in the near term.
Ripple price is trading with a bullish bias above the USD 0.440 and USD 0.450 supports. As long as XRP/USD is holding gains above the USD 0.440 support, it is likely to trade higher towards USD 0.500 and USD 0.520.

Other altcoins market today
Most altcoins traded in a range during the past few hours, but a few were up between 5%-15%, including NXT, POLY, MGO, FUN, IOST, REP and PAY.
Overall, bitcoin and ethereum are stuck in a tiny range and it seems like both are preparing for the next big move. If BTC/USD surpasses the USD 6,600 resistance, there could be a rally towards USD 7,000 or USD 7,200. Conversely, a daily close below USD 6,400 may well push the price towards USD 6,000 and USD 5,800.

Author: Aayush Jindal
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Introducing XRP United, The First Full Exchange Dedicated to the Digital Asset

In a twitter announcement, prominent XRP community member @BankXRP informed the crypto community of the launch of the first full XRP based exchange. The exchange, that is known as XRP United, went live just yesterday, 23rd October, 2018. Users who want to test drive the exchange, can visit There is also a discord channel dedicated to new users of the platform.

The tweet announcing the new platform can be found below:

Trading Pairs on XRP United

The current trading pairs on the new exchange are as follows:

  • XMR/XRP (Not yet live. To be added as soon the Monero wallet is integrated)

XRP The Standard

The chief goal of the XRP United exchange, is to further the use case of the digital asset to a level where it is the global standard. The campaign to make XRP global is best exemplified by the progress being made by the Ripple company in terms of providing solutions for cross-border payments. The company initially had three products of xCurrent, xVia and xRapid, but a redesign of the company website further combined all its software solutions into one product/service known as RippleNet.

In terms of crypto trading, XRP has proven to be the fastest digital asset to use when transferring funds between exchanges. So much so, that the XRP community has been petitioning Binance to add the digital asset as a base currency on the exchange.

With the new exchange of XRP United, members of the community now have an exchange solely dedicated to the digital asset. Some of the reasons to use XRP as a base currency are as follows:

  • It is faster and cheaper
  • A base currency of XRP would bring in more users to the exchange
  • XRP is the fastest digital asset to transfer funds between exchanges
  • Other exchanges are continually warming up to XRP as a base currency
  • Trade volume would increase as XRP would attract the big money movers – also known as whales
  • It is the natural and progressive thing to do given the popularity of XRP

Author: John P. Njui
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Bitcoin and Ethereum recover but gains are limited

Bitcoin price tested the key USD 6,450 support area and later recovered. BTC/USD moved higher and traded above the USD 6,500 resistance, but gains were limited. Similarly, ethereum price recovered after dropping below the USD 200 support. It could continue to move higher in the short term towards the USD 208 and USD 210 resistances. Ripple performed well as it traded above the USD 0.450 and USD 0.460 resistance levels. Overall, the market sentiment slightly improved, but bitcoin is still trading well below the USD 6,550 and USD 6,600 barriers.

Bitcoin price
There was a downside spike towards the USD 6,450 support in bitcoin price . BTC/USD found a strong buying interest near USD 6,450 and later started an upward move. It traded up by more than USD 50 and broke the USD 6,500 resistance. On the upside, an initial resistance is at USD 6,520, followed by USD 6,550.
On the downside, the price could decline towards the USD 6,480 level if it fails to hold the USD 6,500 support. Any further losses may perhaps push the price back towards the USD 6,450 support area.

Ethereum price
Ethereum price slowly recovered and broke the USD 205 resistance. However, ETH/USD failed to gain momentum above USD 205 and the pair is currently consolidating near USD 204.
On the downside, an initial support is near the USD 202 level, followed by the key USD 200 support. To the topside, the price has to break the USD 208 and USD 210 levels to stage a decent rebound.

Bitcoin cash and ripple price
Bitcoin cash price remained in a range below the USD 450 resistance. BCH/USD seems to be facing a tough barrier around the USD 450 – USD 460 zone. On the downside, the USD 440 level is a decent support, below which the price may drop towards the USD 425 level.
Ripple price gained momentum recently and traded up by around 2.8%. XRP/USD broke the USD 0.450 and USD 0.460 resistance levels to climb back into the positive zone.

Other altcoins market today
A few altcoins gained between 8%-20% today, including MAGO, GVT, DROP, BCD, REP, NEXO, BTG and SC. Out of these, MGO gained around 17% and GVT traded up roughly 15.5%.
Overall, bitcoin price bounced back after testing the USD 6,450 support. However, the price has to surpass the USD 6,550 and USD 6,600 resistance levels to start a solid upward move. Until then, BTC/USD and ETH/USD may well continue to trade in a range. On the flip side, a downside break below USD 6,400 could open the gates for more declines in the near term.

Author: Aayush Jindal
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